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New Ultimaker 2+ Connect Shipping Now!

New Ultimaker 2+ Connect Printer – Start Printing the Ultimaker Way!

Ultimaker, the global leader in professional 3D printing, introduces the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, the most accessible solution for those who wish to fully benefit from the Ultimaker ecosystem for the creation of simple 3D printing applications. 

The new Ultimaker 2+ Connect improves on its predecessor’s legacy and allows users to send print jobs via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Cloud 3D printing with the Ultimaker Digital Factory enables remote file transfer with added security from anywhere globally and simplifies the installation of multiple machines. The Ultimaker 2+ Connect also offers intuitive control via its 2.4-inch color touchscreen, an ergonomic feeder lever, and a stiffer build platform, reinforcing ease of use and reliability.
The Ultimaker 2+ Connect and the Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager bundle are both available in stock for immediate purchase from our TEC Webstore!


Learn more about pricing and features!

Ultimaker Essentials Software – Available NOW!

Ultimaker Essentials Software for Business

NEW! Ultimaker Essentials is a software subscription plan that enables organizations to scale the benefits of 3D printing across their business, with software and services that empower their users, and is dedicated to stability, control, security and support that enterprises require.

Ultimaker Essentials includes 3 key components:

  1. Cura Enterprise – a packaged deployment providing security access with a year of support and educational resources through Ultimaker 3DP Academy
  2. Digital Factory – a way to manage a fully remote 3DP workflow where there can be sharing within an organization with security access
  3. Marketplace – a material and plugin marketplace with controlled installation workflow as well as verified and security and access plugins

Roland End-of-Year Promotions

► Roland EDU Promos ~ Valid until 12/31/2020!

Ultimaker End-of-Year Promotions

► Ultimaker Bundles ~ Valid until 12/31/2020!

LaserPro Fall Promotions

► Super Saver Laser Deals!

Only ONE UNIT AVAILABLE – first come, first served! 


► More EDU-Only Fall Promos ~ available only until 12/31/2020!

Prices do not include shipping cost/fees associated with delivery (i.e. lift gate). Prices valid until 12/31/2020. Call for delivery timeline estimate if you need by a certain date.

Kubotek3D Launches Major Release of K-Display and K-Compare Products


Software enhanced with STEP AP 242 support, updated file readers, assembly compare, report automation, and basic feature recognition capabilities


MARLBOROUGH, Mass.—September 23, 2020—Kubotek3D, a leading supply chain software provider, today announced the 3.0 release of the Kubotek K-Compare and K-Display software products. This major release provides updates to STEP and CAD file readers, user interface improvements, and several new functions for each product. The new releases are available for customers to download immediately.

Major STEP File Enhancements

Kubotek proprietary readers for STEP (ISO 10303) files have been expanded in two important ways. The first major STEP enhancement covers complete reading of AP 242 Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) to support customers practicing Model-based Definition (MBD). STEP AP 242 defines critical manufacturing annotations including Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and their unambiguous relationship to the faces of the 3D model. MBD can provide process efficiency by eliminating the need to translate the design into detail drawings and better support automation of downstream activities such as NC machining and inspection. The second STEP enhancement is added support for opening compressed ASCII STEP files which use the extension “.stpZ”. Compressing STEP files into the stpZ format improves transfer of large data sets and has been gaining in popularity since originally released in 2013, especially in the aerospace and automotive industries. This new feature is included in all K-Display and K-Compare product levels. For engineers receiving compressed stpZ files, K-Display Convert can uncompress stpZ files to standard stp files which can be read by most CAD programs.

Updated CAD Readers

Reading of 3D CAD files across all 3.0 Kubotek software programs has been updated to support new versions of four major CAD file formats:

  • Siemens NX 1919, 1915, and 1911 (1899 Series)
  • Dassault CATIA V6/3DExperience R2020x
  • PTC Creo 7.0
  • Autodesk Inventor 2021

K-Compare Major Enhancements

Improvements in K-Compare have focused on further increasing user productivity. Comparison of two sets of hierarchical assembly CAD files has been enhanced to support quick side-by-side 3D graphical viewing of the entire assembly or just a set of paired parts. In the graphical view users can immediately browse the difference results tree details and see face highlighting on the impacted parts. The new automatic Locator View option in the report creation mode of K-Compare Revision saves users the time of creating and annotating extra explanatory views. The Locator View provides the reader a quick frame of reference for views that are zoomed up on a part detail. The Locator View appears in the corner of the view, always stays at full scale (Zoom Fit), and maintains the same 3D orientation as the view. A dynamically linked rectangle over the locator view indicates where on the part the main view window is displaying.

Click here to see a sample change report

K-Display Major Enhancements

The 3.0 release introduces basic feature recognition capabilities to help users quickly evaluate part details based on geometry from any supported CAD format. During file read K-Display scans the face geometry and topology to builds lists of all machined holes, constant radius fillets, and general chamfers and includes a folder for each in the part tree. Data under each feature folder list relevant sizes such as diameter and depth for a blind hole. Hovering the cursor over the faces of these geometric features also provides a ToolTip which displays size information. This information aids in process planning and selection of tools for NC programming. A new user option has been added to K-Display programs to support reading all non-primary variants of the 3D data in the CAD file. For a SolidWorks file, variants might be additional part configurations, or for a CATIA 5 file it may be scenes saved in the file. Having an option to decide to read variants or not is important because for many user applications this data is unnecessary, slows down file read, and may even lead to confusion. In other cases, having access to this variant data can be crucial to fully understanding the design.   Free trials of Kubotek software are available. Kubotek3D is also seeking referral partners and qualified resellers for these products. For more information, visit kubotek3d.com.  

About Kubotek3D

Kubotek3D empowers the supply chain with the right design information by delivering core precision 3D technologies and easy-to-use software products. This strategy allows geometry, no matter where it originated, to be used throughout the manufacturing supply chain to speed time to market, reduce costs and improve quality. Kubotek3D is a division of Kubotek USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubotek Corporation (7709.T Tokyo Stock Exchange). Kubotek Corporation was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. For more information see, www.kubotek3d.com.   ### Kubotek, K-Compare, and K-Display are trademarks of Kubotek Corporation. Media Contact: John Wright McCullough, jmccullough@kubotek3d.com 800-372-3872 x7019

3D Printing “Comes to the Rescue” for a NH Company!


TEC, Inc. works with a lot of companies to solve problems with 3D printing, but it’s not every day that the company is right “in our back yard!” Recently Advanced Kiosks, located just a few miles away from us in Concord, NH, bought their first Ultimaker S5 3D Printer. As with most businesses, they had to adapt to the rippling effects of the pandemic. Supplier issues became a big problem:


All of a sudden, a $75 part can stop us from shipping tens of thousands of dollars of equipment…the solution to our problem was unexpectedly simple.

Howard Horn

President, Advanced Kiosks


Advanced Kiosks reached out to us, and we were able to lend a hand with selecting the best material for their application. The result was the usual 3D printer statistics – faster part production at a fraction of the cost, and a better design as well! And most importantly to us, another happy TEC customer!

Read the story from Advanced Kiosks President, Howard Horn, and how 3D Printing “Came to the Rescue” for their business!


Ultimaker Info Request

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We can answer any question you may have about:

  • How to integrate 3D printing into your workflow
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  • How to push additive manufacturing to its full potential in your business
  • Anything else related to adopting an in-house 3D printing solution!

CoderZ Virtual Cyber Robotics Competition Registration

CoderZ League 2020 

You’re invited to join the fourth-annual CoderZ League, a unique online competitive event that brings school, teams, and individuals together to train and compete in virtual robotics using exciting challenges and missions. Students from all over the world register to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills through challenging, fun, and educational robotics missions. Scores are tallied after each mission, and the top scoring schools receive an invitation to the virtual finals. This year, for added flexibility, we are offering two different levels to the League; Junior (grades 5-8) and Pro (grades 7-12).

Benefits of the CoderZ League include:

  • It’s a virtual event, all you need is an internet connection to participate!
  • It’s a fun learning event for everyone and gives all students a chance to work on their own robots and within a team.
  • It’s not only rewarding, but serious fun.
  • CoderZ League fosters a school-wide culture of STEM excitement, encouraging more students to explore their interest in STEM, and gain experience with in-demand career skills.

“Being able to work at their own pace means that everybody in my classroom is engaged and involved no matter what level they are in their coding skills”.
– Vicki Knickerbocker, a teacher from Loudoun Country Day School, VA

Get 5% Off Your Registration During Checkout!
To secure a spot for your school or club, simply click this link to REGISTER now and don’t forget to apply this coupon for 5% OFF during checkout!
« TEC Customers COUPON CODE: CoderZTEC#_5%

May the code be with you!

Ultimaker Essentials Software – FREE Early Access!

Get FREE Early Access – Available NOW Until October ONLY*!

NEW! Ultimaker Essentials is a software subscription plan that enables organizations to scale the benefits of 3D printing across their business, with software and services that empower their users, and is dedicated to stability, control, security and support that enterprises require.

Ultimaker Essentials includes 3 key components:

  1. Cura Enterprise – a packaged deployment providing security access with a year of support and educational resources through Ultimaker 3DP Academy (coming soon!)
  2. Digital Factory – a way to manage a fully remote 3DP workflow where there can be sharing within an organization with security access
  3. Marketplace – a material and plugin marketplace with controlled installation workflow as well as verified and security and access plugins

*Ultimaker is offering this product FREE until October 2020, then a subscription fee will apply: $300/organization/year for Level 1, $720/organization/year for Level 2.

HUGE SAVINGS!!! (Minimally Used) Demo Equipment

🎉Woo-hoo! This smart educator just saved $$ on equipment for his makerspace by purchasing DEMO machines! Demo machines are lightly used and taken care of by certified technicians – a great way to extend your budget dollars! 

Take advantage of these unbeatable offers! It’s the smartest way to shop for your makerspace, library or school lab! **Limited Quantities Available!** Price does not include shipping.
Item  Retail $  Demo $
GCC C180 II Desktop Laser Engraver   $          13,000  $          9,000
Purex C180 Fume Extractor  $            2,699  $          2,150
GCC Spirit Laser Engraver   $          14,000  $          9,800
BOFA Oracle Fume Extractor  $            3,249  $          2,500
*Roland BN-20 Print-Cut Machine  $            8,500  $          7,000
Dremel 3D Printer  $            1,900  $          1,300
Tiertime UP Mini 3D Printer  $               600  $             499
Tiertime UP300 3D Printer  $            2,200  $          1,599
Tiertime UP300 3D Printer *NEW*  $            2,200  $          1,799
Tiertime X5 3D Printer  $            3,700  $          2,900
Ultimaker 2Go 3D Printer  $            1,200  $             800
Ultimaker S3 3D Printer  $            3,850 SOLD
Ultimaker S5 3D Printer  $            5,995 SOLD
*Roland SRM-20 Mill  $            4,995  Email 
Hotronix Heat Press  $            1,200  $          1,000
*Roland MDX-540SA Mill w/ Rotary attachment-Super DEAL!  $          42,094  $        19,000
*Roland MDX 50 Mill W/ Rotary Attachment  $          14,990  Email 

*Available to customers in New England only.

Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle On-Demand Webinar

[On-Demand Webinar:]
See “Under the Hood” of the S5 Pro Bundle!

Learn about the R&D that went into the making of the new Material Station and the Air Manager when you watch this On-Demand Webinar featuring Arend-Jan, one of the Ultimaker engineers behind the design, and Matt Griffin, 3D Printing Expert at Ultimaker.

Watch as Ultimaker Engineer Arend-Jan answer these questions (and more)!

  • Which challenges were overcome to squeeze 6 spool bays inside the Material Station?
  • Why doesn’t the Material Station’s door open flat? And how does this improve printed part quality?
  • How does the Air Manager give you more freedom in setting up your 3D printer?
  • What is coming next from Ultimaker for the S5 Pro Bundle?

Learn more about how the S5 Pro Bundle was designed for seamless 3D Printing integration to unlock 24/7 productivity and demanding applications with an extended range of materials!


Intelitek Offering Virtual Online Courses!

FREE Access to Select Intelitek LearnMate Courses Until 6/15/2020!

With most schools in the U.S. closed, how can you take your CTE class to remote students?

Intelitek’s LearnMate® e-learning platform provides revolutionary tools for transforming classrooms into engaging and proactive learning environments. The LearnMate learning management system (LMS) automates classroom administration and enables real-time assessment of student progress. With over 2,500 hours of content, LearnMate delivers concepts through interactive curriculum, relevant activities and multiple instructional strategies.

► FREE Courses:

Call or email sales@TECedu.com ASAP to get your school’s CTE e-Learning set up!

► Plus, Save on These Courses!

VIDEO: Learn more about Intelitek LearnMate!

Includes subscription to online virtual training for the below courses until the end of this school year (6/15/2020). Intelitek will offer each of these courses for $500 for 150 students – or – ALL the below courses for only $2,000 until the end of the school year!

  • 77-3109-0000           Intro to Lean Manufacturing
  • 77-LOTO-0000         Lock Out Tag Out 
  • 77-BA01A-0001       Math for Technicians I
  • 77-BA01B-0001       Math for Technicians II
  • 77-BA03-0001          Lubrication for Technicians
  • 77-BA04-0001          Mechanical Fasteners
  • 77-BA05-0001          Hand Tools
  • 77-BA06-0001          Power Tools
  • 77-8014-0001           Mechanical Measurement & Quality Control
  • 77-3140-0001           CNC Milling w/BenchMill 6100 (Imperial version)
  • 77-3141-0001           Virtual., CNC Turning w/BenchTurn 7100 (Imperial version)
  • 77-3004-0001           Virtual, CAD with SpectraCAD Engraving (Imperial version
  • 77-3005-0001           Virtual., SpectraCAM Milling (Imperial version)
  • 77-3007-0001           Virtual., SpectraCAM Turning (Imperial version
  • 77-5001-0000           LM7 Content, Fundamentals of Robotics for MotoMan MHJF
  • 77-5002-0000           LM7 Content, Advanced Robotics for MotoMan MHJF
  • 77-8071-0010           LM7 Content: Hydraulics 1
  • 77-8070-0010           LM7 Content: Pneumatics 1
  • 77-8210-0010           LM7 Content: PLC Tech 1 for Micrologix 1100
  • 77-8220-0010           LM7 Content: PLC Tech 1 for Siemens S7-1200

► Get a Credit if Your School Purchases an Annual Subscription!
If your school decides to continue using the software for the next school year, all course purchases for short term under this offer will be credited to schools if applied to a new purchase of the curriculum for full term (annual) within 3 months (after short term license expires). This credit does not include Hosting costs.

Important Questions and Answers
Q: How can you implement online learning in an instant?

A: Many learning management platforms like the Intelitek LearnMate 7 are hosted cloud-based solutions. This means that student access is not limited to the physical classroom. Students, teachers and administrators can access the LMS from home as well. Unless some specific security has been added, all content from Intelitek LearnMate LMS is accessible from any computer with internet access.

Q: What programs are available for online learning?

A-1: Fully Virtual Training
The Intelitek Foundations of Manufacturing program is a set of 16 courses that are all virtual. Starting with safety, quality control, intro to manufacturing and delving into areas like tools, soft skills, and introductions to specific disciplines these courses are all comprehensive training for students entering the manufacturing, mechatronics and industrial maintenance fields.

A-2: Virtual Training with Simulation
Intelitek CTE programs are always accompanied by software where students learn the concepts of configuring and programming manufacturing equipment. To enable this in a safe and scalable classroom environment all the learning systems include real-time simulations. In these simulations, the student sees 3D graphic representation of the equipment they are learning about. This video will show you a good example of this.

Q: How do you replace hands on?

A: Many of the blended learning options Intelitek have offered include simulation software. The initial motivation was so every student can learn, program, and run exercises before they get to the hands-on equipment which may have been limited to only small groups of students. The by-product of this approach is that all our machining and robotics training programs can be implemented 100% virtually because the students can do all the exercises using the CNCmotion, RoboCell, PneuMotion, HydraMotion and PLCMotion applications integrated into our curriculum.

Q: What computer is required?

A: A Windows computer with
Dual Core 1.4GHz Processor or better
Windows 8 or 10 (32 or 64 bit)
4GB of RAM
Internet connectivity is required.
A simulation agent needs to be installed during setup to enable students to run the different software they need during the training.

Q: What training programs are you offering?

A: The list of available online courses includes:
• Foundations of Manufacturing (12 courses/16 hrs each)
• Fundamentals of Robotics
• Advanced Robotics Programming
• CNC Milling
• CNC Turning
• Fundamentals of Pneumatics
• Fundamentals of Hydraulics
• Fundamentals of PLC programming
• Computer Aided Manufacturing with spectraCAM Milling
• Computer Aided Drafting with spectraCAD Engraving
Note: Other courses may be available but are only partially virtual as they have more hands-on exercises requiring equipment – Tell us what you are looking for and we will investigate the virtual scope of the courseware.


Contact TEC, Inc. for aditional details and hosting costs.
Call or email sales@TECedu.com ASAP to get your school’s CTE e-Learning set up!


FREE Design Software for Students!

In response to the COVID-19 situation, Cadsoft, Corp., developer of Envisioneer™ Professional Architectural, Interior and Landscape Design Software (with Virtual Reality!), announced that they will issue FREE licenses to Students (retail value $2,595!). 

Ever wanted to try Interior Design? Try Envisioneer! Ever thought about building your own house some day? Try Envisioneer! Or even landscape design? Try Envisioneer!

  • Ideal for learning:
    Architectural Design • Residential Design • Interior Design • Landscaping • Terrain Modeling • 3D Modeling • Working Drawings • Rendering • Animation • Estimating, and more! Click here to learn more about Envisioneer!
  • FREE Resources to Help You Get Started!
    Visit https://www.cadsoft.com/new-to-envisioneer/ for a free Quick Start Guide (pdf) and a 600+ page Users Guide (pdf), plus videos including the “Quick Start Guide Tutorial” which walks you through the process of building a home in Envisioneer. And, when you’re ready to learn more, you can purchase the Envisioneer V14 Basic Training Guide written by Chantale Pitts, Cadsoft Envisioneer Software Developer, from our webstore!

Envisioineer is Professional Commercial software that retails for $2,595 – NOW FREE – for Students! The student license is active until 6/30/2020, so hurry and request your Student Grant Today! If you decide to keep using Envisioner after the deadline, no problem, a student license of Envisioneer is only $139.

So grab your student I.D., and get busy filling out this form!

Industry 4.0 Webinar

Free Webinar – Register Today!

Developing a Manufacturing Training Program to Prepare Students for Industry 4.0 Jobs

Don’t miss this webinar on March 31st @ 3:30 EST with educator Chris Townsend who will share his experience on building a successful manufacturing program ~ and bring back takeaways for jumpstarting your school’s programs!


Chris Townsend is a technology and engineering instructor. Through his previous experience in educational sales and consulting, Chris has worked with both secondary and post-secondary schools all over Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio to help build technology and career education programs. The experience gained through working with these schools is now channeled into building the best possible manufacturing and engineering programs at Brown County Schools in order to prepare as many students as possible for their future.

Join us to learn from Chris how you can take your manufacturing training program to the next level! The session will outline some of the concepts of Industry 4.0 and how Brown’s program and newly expanded FMS lab have expanded to address these. Chris will also share information for schools interested in building or enhancing their own manufacturing programs.

What you will learn:

  • Get an “Educator’s Point-of-View” of Intelitek’s manufacturing training program and learn more about the variety of content, curriculum and hands-on learning found Intelitek’s multiphase manufacturing curriculum.
  • Hear from Graham of Intelitek, who will focus on the problems industry faces finding qualified graduates and how the approach at Brown enables students with life-long skills that help them keep up with the fast pace of technology change and up to date with Industry 4.0.
  • Observe Chris’s positive responses as they are being implemented at Brown ~ and ~ how you can adapt the program to your school in collaboration with local industry!

Overstock Sale!

**School P.O.s welcome, first-come first-served, valid until stock is reduced. Shipping is additional.**

When they’re gone, they’re gone, so don’t delay!

Sam Labs Classroom STEAM Coding Kit

Reg. Price: $599
Overstock Price: $350 for 1, $300 2+
Demo Kits: $200

Sam Labs Curious Cars STEAM Coding Kit

Reg. Price: $199
Overstock: $125 for 1, $100 2+

Tiertime UP Mini 2 3D Printer


Reg. Price: $599
Overstock Price: $499

Tiertime UP Mini ES 3D Printer

Reg. Price: $699
Overstock Price: $599

Tiertime UP 300 3D Printer

Reg. Price: $2,199
Overstock Price: $1,799

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