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Niryo Cobot

6-axis collaborative robot for Education & Research, Powered by Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ROS. 

Niryo’s Plug & Learn solution offers a complete ecosystem to learn, experiment, and teach Industry 4.0 concepts and processes. Ideal for higher education, vocational training and R&D!

Key Features

  • 6-axis collaborative robot arm by Niryo made in France
  • Open-source allowing for flexibility
  • Sturdy aluminum structure
  • EasyConnect System for accessories
  • Customizable grippers, standard gripper included
  • 0.5mm precision
  • 0.5mm repeatability
  • Free Starter Guide and learning modules for Blockly, Python, ROS, Matlab, and more!
  • Includes Niryo Studio, a free desktop application with a visual programming interface that allows for quick and easy creation of robotic programs, based on Google’s Blockly (similar to Scratch) and available for Windows, Mac OS and LInux
  • Affordable price at only $2,999!

This cobot takes advantage of the capacities of the Raspberry Pi 4, with a 64-bit ARM V8 high performance processor2Gb of RAM, and an improved connectivity.

Ned is a collaborative robot based on Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS (Robot Operating System) Melodic, an open-source solution created for robotics. Through ROS, Ned has multiple libraries allowing you to create a variety of programs, from basic to more complex.


Make Ned A Complete “Industry 4.0 Ready” Ecosystem!

The Ned Complete Ecosystem is designed for introducing students to Industry 4.0! 

Conveyor Belt Add-on

The Conveyor Belt Add-on allows for prototype production lines and can be controlled with the robot or autonomously with the NIryo controller module.

  • Bidirectional drive (forward and backward)
  • Adjustable speed
  • Autonomous
  • Fits in the Ned Ecosystem
  • Standard Set ($599) includes1 x Conveyor
    1 x Photoelectric switch, 1 x Control box (for an autonomous use), 1 x Power supply adapter (for an autonomous use), 
    1 x Set of cables
  • Education Set ($698) includes the Standard Set PLUS 6 x Handable objects (3 square containers & 3 circles), 2 x Upgraded jaws for the Custom Gripper, 4 x Vision workspace landmarks, 1 x Conveyor end stop, 1 x Slope

View technical specs.

Vision Set Add-on

The Vision Set Add-on and its on-wrist camera gives Ned the ability to interact with its environment with image recognition. Set your workspace and use industry 4.0advanced image processing functions.

  • Object detection based on colors and shapes
  • Easily performs complex functions like visual picking with new blocks in Niryo Studio’s Blockly interface
  • Overall range of vision thanks to the Wrist Vision Module
  • Modular workspace that can be fixed to the Ned thanks to the Mechanical Connector included, or used in many orientations and inclinations
  • Fits the Ned Ecosystem
  • Vision Set for Niryo Ned only $699

View technical specs.

The Conveyor Belt and Vision Set Add-ons can even be used with other robots!


The Ned includes the Customizable Gripper. Other accessories include the Large Gripper, Adaptive Gripper, the Vacuum Pump and an Electromagnet. Plus, the EasyConnect system makes switching accessories and tools a snap! If you have a 3D printer, you can even create your own jaws to make them fit to your projects!

Watch this video to learn about the Niryo Accessories!

How can Ned be controlled?

  1. Turn on Ned’s learning mode to position it manually and teach it positions to reproduce. Controlling Ned can be as easy as pressing a button!
  2. With Niryo Studio, our free desktop application, use blocks to create your own robotic programs. Based on Blockly (similar to Scratch), our visual programming interface allows you to quickly and easily create robotic programs without any prior programming knowledge.
  3. Use an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi to control Ned through its digital inputs and outputs (tutorial).
  4. Advanced Users : develop your own controller (use a computer mouse, a keyboard, a game controller or Leap Motion to control Ned according to your preferences and needs), use our API (Python, Modbus, TCP) to control Ned directly or remotely, or dive directly into the ROS code, which is open-source.

Support and Resources

Under the Resources tab on niryo.com, you will find menu options for:

For all things Ned including the Conveyor Belt and the Vision set, Developer docs, and Application docs.

Niryo Studio, programming software, firmware and more!

Technical Support
Knowledgebase and support team

Starter Guide and Modules for Blockly, Python, ROS, and more!

NIryo Ned $2,999
Conveyor Belt Add-on, Standard Set $599
Conveyor Belt Add-on, Education Set $698
Vision Set Add-on $699
Large Gripper $149
Adaptive Gripper $149
Jaws Pack $99
Vacuum Pump $149
Electromagnet $149
Shipping additional  


Watch this video to learn more about Ned’s available tools!


Watch this video to see how you can control Ned with your mouse!

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