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WAZER WaterJet

The World’s First Desktop Waterjet

Able to cut through just about anything, the WAZER Desktop Waterjet is the first affordable, professional desktop waterjet powerhouse of it’s kind.

Unlike traditional waterjet systems, the WAZER Desktop Waterjet does not require significant infrastructure and high maintenance. Its compact design, affordable price and industrial capabilities make the WAZER an ideal professional subtractive manufacturing solution for secondary and post-secondary Engineering Labs, Metal Fabrication Labs, any Advanced Manufacturing program, maker spaces, and small businesses.

• Professional-grade quality capable of intricate details and smooth surface finishes
• Small footprint, compact and contained
• Runs on 110V power and requires no ventilation
• Fully enclosed with automatic shut-off if the door is open
• No heat-induced material warping
• Unbeatable price tag, plus Project-Based Learning Bundles available!
• Very low maintenance costs
• Cuts through a huge variety of materials! 
HDPE, Aluminum, Neoprene, Copper, Low carbon steel, Polycarbonate, Glass, Stainless steel, Titanium, Polyurethane,
Tool steel, Marble, Porcelain, Acrylic, Ceramic, Silicone, D2 tool steel, Carbon Fiber, And MORE!! 

WAZER Software – WAM
With WAZER, going from design to cutting is fast. Design your part in whichever software you’re used to, like Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator or Google SketchUp. Load that drawing file (DXF and SVG) into WAZER software and let the easy to use software guide you through setting up your cut.

Why waterjet vs. Laser or Plasma Cutters?
Waterjet technology works by combining sand-like abrasive particles with a high-pressure water stream to cut a variety of materials with precision and detail. Waterjet technology has significant advantages over other conventional cutting methods such as laser or plasma cutters:
• More flexible, cuts just about any material (laser and plasma cutters have material limitations).
• Better cutting edge quality giving square cuts and smooth surface finish.
• Better cut part precision, able to cut intricate details.
• Requires no ventilation!
• No heat-induced material warping or distortion.

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Convenient WAZER Packages Include Everything You Need!

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WAZER Desktop Waterjet $7,999           
Item #700-0010



WAZER Desktop Standup  $8,999           
Item #700-0012


WAZER Desktop Waterjet Starter Bundle   $9,999       
Item #700-0011


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WAZER Basic Package A  $10,999           
Item #700-0013
Come out of the gate strong with this package! Plenty of abrasive to get started, plus the extended warranty, spare parts to keep you cutting, and installation and intro training by a TEC Technician!


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WAZER Learning Package B  $12,999           
Item #700-0014
You’ll be standing strong and smart with this package! Additional items include Leg Stand Assembly along with WAZER Project-Based-Learning and Consumables Kit!


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WAZER Complete Package C   $13,999       
Item #700-0015
Nobody’s gonna slow you down with this package! You’ll have lots and lots of abrasive plus extra spare parts on top of everything included in Package A and B!


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Items included in the WAZER machine delivery:
• 1x – User Manual
• 1x – WAZER Main Unit
• 1x – Pump Box
• 1x – WAZER Cut Bed (spare)
• 2x – Abrasive Bucket

Accessory Kit
• 1x – Pump Box Power Cable (with GFCI)
• 1x – WAZER Power Cable (with GFCI)

Setup Kit
• 1x – SD Card
• 1x – Pump Vent Cap
• 1x – Phillips #2 Driver
• 1x – 17mm Wrench
• 2x – Water Sensor
• 1x – Wall Anchor Kit
    – 1x – Wall Mount Bracket
    – 3x – Sheet Rock Anchor
    – 3x – Sheet Rock Fastener
    – 3x – Concrete Wall Anchor
    – 2x – M5x10 Hex Screws
    – 1x – 4 mm Allen Key

Plumbing Kit
• 1x – Garden Hose Adapter
• 1x – Sink Adapter
• 1x – Sink Drain Adapter Kit
• 1x – On/Off Valve
• 8x – #3 Hose Routing Anchors
• 8x – #4 Hose Routing Anchors
• 10x – 6″ Zip-Ties

Spare Parts
• 2x – Fuse
• 1x – Nozzle Height Tool
• 1x – Nozzle Cover
• 1x – Abrasive Hose
• 2x – Abrasive Hose End
• 1x – Orifice
• 2x – Abrasive O-ring
• 12x – 25 mm Fastening Screws
• 12x – 40 mm Fastening Screws
• 1x – Cut Bed Installation Tool
• 2x – Abrasive Plug
• 4x – High-Pressure O-Ring
• 2x – 50 mesh Drain Filters

Hose Kit
• 1x – High-Pressure Hose (sturdy black hose
with metal connectors)
• 1x – Water Inlet Hose (3/8” diameter white
• 1x – Water Drain Hose (1/2” diameter white
• Oil Kit

WAM is a robust online platform that takes you from design to cutting fast. Import SVG and DXF files from any major design application. Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox

Optional Leg Stand Kit

Upgrade your WAZER Desktop to a WAZER Standup. The Stand Leg Accessory has anodized aluminum legs and a powder-coated shelf that both match your WAZER. The shelf supports up to 110 lbs. and is perfect for storing abrasive, material and tools. The Pump Box stores efficiently underneath.


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Infrastructure Requirements


The WAZER Main Unit only comes as one model and can be plugged into 110-220VAC power. However, the Pump Unit comes as different models for the specific voltage region they are intended for. This setup guide is for both the 110 VAC 60hz WAZER (pump unit designated as V1.5A) and the 220 VAC 50hz WAZER (pump unit designated as V1.5B). Please ensure you follow the appropriate electrical hookup instructions below given your model of WAZER. You can verify your model by looking at the serial number tags on your Pump Unit.

  • 110 VAC 60hz (V1.5A): This version of WAZER has its Main Unit consume up to 2amps and its Pump Unit consume up to 15 amps. Given traditional 110 VAC 60hz household and shop circuits you will be required to have one of the following for your machine:
      • 2x 15amp circuits (common household shop application)
      • 1x 20amp circuit (common industrial and shop application)
  • 220 VAC 50hz (V1.5B): This version of WAZER has its Main Unit consume up to 1 amp and its Pump Unit consume up to 10 amps. Any circuit >11amps will be sufficient.
  • As is usually the case with high load motors, there is an inherent “in-rush current” that will momentarily exceed the stated steady-state run currents above for a fraction of a second. The time associated with this “in-rush current” is very short and almost all household and commercial AC breakers are designed to handle this safely without tripping. However, in the rare case that you run into trouble with your breaker tripping you may need to consult an electrician to have your system checked to handle on the order of 60amps for 150 milliseconds.


Some areas are susceptible to dirty water or water main breaks. Please be sure to include a mechanical prefilter before the inlet to the pump to ensure water supply contaminants don’t go into the pump. We cannot be held accountable for damage caused to pump as a result of contaminated water supply.

  • Flow Rate: Greater than 1gpm (3.8L/min). Most household and commercial water plumbing will meet this requirement. Typical bathroom faucets 1-3 gpm, kitchen faucets 2-4 gpm, and outdoor/shop hoses 3-6 gpm.
  • Pressure: 35-125psi (0.24MPa – 0.8MPa). Most household and commercial water plumbing systems fall in this range. The higher in that range, the better for the Pump Box in terms of its longevity.
  • Temperature: 130°F (54°C). DO NOT use a hot water line for WAZER. Water Hardness: Less than 180 mg/L (10.5 gpg).
  • Water hardness is the biggest factor that affects the longevity of the components. Most municipal water in North America is below this figure, however we suggest you give your region a search if this is a concern.
  • WAZER should not be used in noisy electromagnetic environments. Some appropriate environments include laboratories, household workshops, and most machine shops. Heavy industrial environments that contain machinery or devices that induce electromagnetic interference on other adjacent devices (either on the same circuit or in the general proximtiy) should be avoided.


Make sure that it does not take more than 30 feet (9m) of your Water Drain Hose to go from WAZER to the drain. Additionally, the drain location should be less than 4 feet (12mm) above WAZER.


  • Sturdy and capable of holding over 400 lbs. (160kg)
  • Flat and level under load. The levelness is key for correct operation of WAZER. Maximum 1.5mm of height difference across entire cutting bed.
  • A clear area of 46” by 27” (1.2m by 0.7m) to allow for access.
  • Does not deteriorate when exposed to water. Because under some unforeseen scenarios, water may stream out from abrasive hopper and other places.
        • Good choices: quartz, stainless steel, treated solid wood
        • Poor choices: plywood, unfinished MDF or particle board
  • NOTE: No desktop is necessary if you plan on using WAZER with the Stand Leg Accessory. However, please keep a 62” area above the floor footprint that you intend to place your WAZER on in order to allow access to it.
  • Floorspace: The Pump Box is intended to be placed on the floor and requires 30” x 26” (0.8m x 0.7m) of space to allow for adequate airflow, cables, and hoses.

AMBIENT AIR TEMPERATURE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

40 – 100 F / 5 – 40 C WAZER should never be operated outside of this range.


Make sure to leave at least 12” (0.4m) of free space on the right and left sides of WAZER. On the left side of WAZER, you will need room to refill the Abrasive Hopper. On the right side, you may need access to the Control Panel.


WAZER operates with abrasive and water. Though WAZER is enclosed, it is not a sealed system, and water and abrasive will inevitably leak on occasion. The floor surface should be water- resistant, slip proof and smooth enough for easy cleanup of spills. A nearby floor drain is also recommended. Water may stream out from under your abrasive hopper as an example of why this machine needs to be in a water tolerant area.


Abrasive is heavy. If you will be cutting often make sure that the WAZER location is close to a storage area for Abrasive and Used Abrasive. Moving abrasive long distances can quickly become cumbersome.


WAZER emits noise that would be disruptive in settings such as classrooms and offices. Make sure to place WAZER in a location where the noise level of traditional shop tools like drills and saws is acceptable. 

WAZER Abrasive – 55 lb Bucket $79

80-Mesh Alluvial Garnet Abrasive is preferred and calibrated for use with your WAZER to provide outstanding quality and performance. One bucket runs approximately 2.75 hours (dependent upon the part(s) being cut).


WAZER Cut Bed – 3 Pack $299

The WAZER Cut Bed is 4 inches thick and made of finely corrugated polypropylene plastic with top and bottom surfaces heat welded together to ensure surface flatness and extend the cutting life. It is also reversible so both sides can be used. The Cut Bed is also oversized to allow for an additional fastening border. The grid pattern acts as a visual aid and reference indicator so you can easily adjust the placement of your material in your WAZER to match your file placement in the Wam software. The Cut Bed is easy to replace once you do not have sufficient support or fastening points for the materials you would like to cut.


WAZER Nozzle Kit – $299

Due to the high pressure and velocities that are introduced in the WAZER Nozzle, some of the parts need to be replaced throughout the life of your WAZER. The Nozzle comes with all of the wearing components, which should be replaced at the same time.


WAZER Mixing Chamber: Where your abrasive and high-velocity water mix before being concentrated in the Mixing Tube. The Mixing Chamber is made of a hardened stainless steel that resists corrosion and abrasion.

WAZER Orifice: Converts the high-pressure water into a high-velocity water stream that is injected into the Mixing Chamber. The Orifice is made of a stainless steel housing with a ruby insert.

WAZER Mixing Tube: Where the high-velocity water and abrasive are focused into a concentrated stream and ejected at the material. The Mixing Tube is made of wear-resistant tungsten carbide.

WAZER Nozzle Cover: Prevents excessive wear to tank components by containing indirect splashing of water and abrasive. The Nozzle Cover is made of high-durometer silicone.

WAZER Abrasive Hose: Feeds abrasive to the Mixing Chamber. It is comprised of a flexible hose with two stainless steel ends with o-rings.

WAZER Nozzle Height Tool: Calibrates the Nozzle Height precisely off of the cutting material surface. Made of ABS, this component sits perfectly on top of the Nozzle so it is always at the ready.