Experienced Provider of Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions & Teaching Labs 1.800.338.2238 info@TECedu.com

Corporate Profile

Key Contacts:
Richard T. Amarosa – President & CEO
Janice B. Amarosa – Secretary
Justyn M. Constant – Vice President
Jeff Hapgood – General Manager

Web site: www.TECedu.com

Social Media sites:

E-mail: sales@TECedu.com

Telephone: (800) 338-2238, (603) 224-8324

Facsimile: (603) 225-7766

Address 32 Commercial Street Concord, NH 03301

Technology Education Concepts, Inc. (TEC) has been an “Experienced Provider of Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions and Teaching Labs” to Businesses, Educators and Students for over 30 Years.  Based in Concord, NH, TEC is a family-owned business started by an educator who is passionate about providing secondary and post-secondary schools with 3D Solutions used to teach today’s young people about the fields of engineering, design, manufacturing and architecture, as well as providing local industry with the latest in 3D printing technologies.

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