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Ultimaker Essentials Software Tools


3D printing software that’s built for business

Scale the benefits of 3D printing across your organization with a software subscription that empowers designers and engineers, but that’s dedicated to enterprise stability and control.

Ultimaker Essentials is a software subscription plan that enables organizations to scale the benefits of 3D printing across their business, with software and services that empower their users, and is dedicated to stability, control, security, and support that enterprises require. Ultimaker Essentials includes these key components: Cura Enterprise, Digital Factory, Marketplace, PLUS  Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy, and Ultimaker Knowledgebase and Support.

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Ultimaker Cura Enterprise

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise contains all the slicing benefits users are familiar with, but it is packaged for businesses. Ultimaker Cura Enterprise makes distribution and management easy for IT professionals. Organizations can now deploy a tested, stable, and more secure slicing application to anywhere employees need to work – with reduced risk to their infrastructure. And due to this, the software is now accessible to anyone in the organization that wants to innovate with Ultimaker Cura. Features include:

  • Intent profiles print specific applications at the click of a button

  • Recommended profiles tested for thousands of hours ensure reliable results

  • ‘Custom mode’ gives over 400 settings for granular control

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Ultimaker Digital Factory

Ultimaker Digital Factory provides powerful cloud-based tools for easy remote management of Ultimaker 3D printers, teams, and software. It allows teams to deliver a scalable 3D printing workflow that drives innovation across their network.

  • Firmware firewall
    Increase security by allowing only exclusive data traffic from Ultimaker Digital Factory to your connected Ultimaker S-line 3D printers
  • Organization management
    Gain control and ensure a more secure workflow through organization access management
  • Team sharing
    Share 3D printers within your team and organization, to allow users to effectively pool 3D printer resources
  • Manage multiple 3D printers
    Manage multiple 3D Printers to scale up production, wherever you are
  • Remote 3D printing workflow
    Start a print on the 3D printer of your choosing, wherever it is in the world
  • Queue print jobs
    Queue print jobs to create an efficient production output

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Ultimaker Marketplace

Tailor your 3D printing experience with a catalog of verified plug-ins and print profiles, optimizing your print preparation workflow, and unlocking applications.

  • Access verified plug-ins
    Access Managed Marketplace with only verified plug-ins, to increase security levels and stability
  • Controlled workflow
    Restrict installation to only through Ultimaker Marketplace, and not indirectly
  • Exclusive Marketplace plug-ins
    Through Ultimaker Essentials, customers get access to exclusive marketplace plug-ins, such as TetonSim simulation software

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Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy

The Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy is a flexible learning platform that teaches you the ins and outs of 3D printing. Courses created by Ultimaker’s experts enable you to train your users with leveled, role-specific knowledge (IT Administrator/Printer Operator/Application Engineer), ensuring your organization is using 3D printing technology to maximum effect.


  • Role-based courses: Follow role-based courses tailored to the needs of different roles in the organization
  • Certification: Qualify employees through certification levels with a certificate as proof of knowledge and expertise

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Ultimaker Knowledgebase and Support

Ultimaker Essentials comes with a knowledge base for many technical queries, making it easy to find the answers. In addition to this, various levels of email support coverage from an Ultimaker technician are available for software-related questions. This means you can add an efficient 3D printing platform to your system with confidence.

  • Knowledge base: Within a comprehensive knowledge base, find best practice set up guidelines. Learn how to distribute Ultimaker software to employees, integrate 3D printers securely within your network, maintain the integrity of your IT infrastructure, and much more
  • Direct support: If ever you need help, dedicated email support is available. Get 1-to-1 help from an Ultimaker technician when you need to troubleshoot IT-related issues.

Levels and Pricing

Ultimaker Essentials is only available through Authorized Ultimaker Resellers. There are three levels of Essentials: Light, Standard, and Advanced. The software features are the same, however, the difference lies between the offered support, coverage, 3D Printing Academy content, and the number of seats: