Roland MDX-540 Desktop Milling Machine


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  • Imports STL Files – just like a 3D printer!
  • No propriety materials!
  • No CNC programming knowledge required!
  • Low cost of ownership and no necessary service contracts!


  • 4-axis, benchtop CNC machine for fast, accurate prototyping
  • Bundled with user-friendly CAM software
  • Handheld controller and virtual control panel for quick and easy set up
  • Max. work area 19.6″ (X) by 15.7″ (Y) by 6.1″ (Z) without rotary axis
  • Optional rotary axis available for enhanced precision and accuracy


“Precision milling really helps students understand what works and what doesn’t in their designs,” says Aerospace engineer Rob Hazlehurst. “It’s a very effective teaching tool.”

Roland MDX-540 CNC machines combine the advanced capabilities of a Subtractive Rapid Prototyping®(SRP) system with the ease-of-use of a benchtop CNC mill to provide a powerful 3D milling device.

Whether for product designers, engineers and other professionals, or for students and educators, the MDX-540 combines advanced capabilities with ease-of-use for the precision milling of a wide variety of plastics, woods, metals and more.

Although the MDX-540 is a highly advanced 4-axis desktop CNC device, it offers a simplified operating system plus included SRP Player CAM software to make prototype production an easy and stress-free experience.

The rotary axis (optional), automatic tool changer (optional), and milling speeds can all be controlled via a simple Virtual Control Panel or the user-friendly software.


  • Subtractive rapid prototyping technology:
    • Creates accurate prototypes for complex snap-fit
    • Proves part manufacturability better than additive methods
    • Handles a wide variety of materials including plastic, resin, wood and non-ferrous metals, and generates a smooth surface finish
  • Bundled with 4-axis SRP Player CAM software makes it quick and easy to go from a CAD model to physical part or prototype
  • Large 19.6″ (X) by 15.7″ (Y) by 6.1″ (Z) without rotary axis
  • gallery-castle-view-3

    Check out these CO2 car bodies!  Click to read the story! Castle View High School | Castle Rock, Colorado.

    Optional rotary axis

  • Virtual control panel offers additional functions
    • Moves tool in vertical, horizontal and transverse directions, and to a user-specified position
    • Adjusts the speed of cursor movements for easier origin setting
  • Real-time cutting and spindle speed override capability
  • Bundled Roland ClickMill™ software
    • Surfaces materials, adds holes and rounds edges – all without 3D CAD file
  • Spindle speeds of 400 to 12,000 rpm; 400 to 3,000 rpm for positioning and centering
  • Supports G-code NC programming language, making it well suited for both professional and educational applications.
  • Emergency stop switch and machine cover for clean, quiet and safe work environment
  • ZCL-540 rotary axis unit automatically positions parts for unattended 360-degree modeling

Choose the MDX-540 Model That’s Right For You

All MDX-540 models deliver superior performance with a combination of Digital AC Servo motors and Feed Forward Processing commonly used in larger, more expensive machines. In addition to the base-model MDX-540, you can choose from the following options:

Produce even smoother curves and finer details with the addition of higher accuracy ballscrews for enhanced precision and repeatable production capabilities.

tool changer

Optional Tool Changer

Includes an Automatic Tool Changer for uninterrupted milling.

Produce smoother curves and finer details with the addition of higher accuracy ballscrews for enhanced precision and repeatable production capabilities, plus an Automatic Tool Changer for non-stop production.

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VIDEO:  Producing a Prototype with a Roland MDX-540 Milling Machine

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Get Roland PBL for This Machine!

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