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Roland MDX-50 Desktop Milling Machine



Multi-color LED status light and email notification system informs users of machine status (showing blue)

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Advanced Automated Multi-Tool 3D Milling Machine


  • 5-station Automatic Tool Changer
  • Mills on a wide range of materials including wood composites, prototyping foam, and mechanical plastics and resins.
  • Advanced drive system supports dimensional stability to create prototypes with millimeter accuracy
  • Large machining area (15.8 (X) x 12 (Y), 3.9 (Z) in.) plus enhanced machine rigidity and drive mechanics
  • Built-in control panel
  • Optional Rotary Axis – easily converts the MDX-50 into a 4-axis mill!
  • Automatic set-up and operation with automated machine calibration and tool length detection
  • Internal LED light for workspace illumination
  • User-friendly SRP Player CAM and ClickMill software included
  • Virtual Control Panel (VPanel) – allows users to make changes to milling parameters while the unit is still in operation
  • Supports G-code NC programming language
  • Multi-color LED status light and email notification system inform users of machine status
  • Built-in debris collection drawer with rail guided safety door for safe and clean production
  • Includes Roland’s industry-best service and support, plus a comprehensive one-year warranty
  • Ideal for use in education environments!


MDX-50_front_coveropenIncluded Software for Experts and Beginners
Popular industry and education software, SRP Player CAM has been updated to match the advanced functions of the MDX-50. Milling settings can be configured in five simple steps, making operation very straightforward. Other bundled software includes ClickMill software for surfacing, drilling holes, cutting pockets and other finishing processes.

Mill Fine Details and Smooth Finishes
With an advanced drive system, machine rigidity and enhanced drive mechanics, the MDX-50 mills incredibly smooth and accurate prototypes. A machining area of 15.8 (X) x 12 (Y) x 3.9 (Z) inches supports production of large single objects or batch production of smaller parts.

Simplified Machine Set-Up
The MDX-50 requires no special electrical set-up and provides simple-to-load tools and automatic machine calibration.

Safe, Clean and Convenient
The MDX-50 is designed for use in oces, machine shops, and educational enviornments. A newly improved door ensures extra-safe operation while waste is contained in a built-in debris collection drawer.


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