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3DP Checklist-TEC

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This is a great list of essential questions that should be considered before your students hit that “print” button on your classroom 3D printer!
Recommended for any brand of 3D printer, we suggest that you laminate this checklist and place it next to your 3D printer, or duplicate and laminate one for each student. If your students run through the list each time they print, they should avoid the most common printing mishaps. You’re welcome to make copies of this checklist as well!
For more great 3D printing classroom resources, be sure to visit Ultimaker’s Education Resources page. You’ll find lessons, a section on 3D printing in the classroom, and getting started advice just to name a few.  Although some areas are geared towards Ultimaker printers, there is also info useful and resources (i.e. print files, lessons, etc.) info for any classroom that is 3D printing!
You can also become part of the Ultimaker Pioneer Program for Educators to share your 3D printing experiences and learn from other educators!