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CoderZ League 2020 

You’re invited to join the fourth-annual CoderZ League, a unique online competitive event that brings school, teams, and individuals together to train and compete in virtual robotics using exciting challenges and missions. Students from all over the world register to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills through challenging, fun, and educational robotics missions. Scores are tallied after each mission, and the top scoring schools receive an invitation to the virtual finals. This year, for added flexibility, we are offering two different levels to the League; Junior (grades 5-8) and Pro (grades 7-12).

Benefits of the CoderZ League include:

  • It’s a virtual event, all you need is an internet connection to participate!
  • It’s a fun learning event for everyone and gives all students a chance to work on their own robots and within a team.
  • It’s not only rewarding, but serious fun.
  • CoderZ League fosters a school-wide culture of STEM excitement, encouraging more students to explore their interest in STEM, and gain experience with in-demand career skills.

“Being able to work at their own pace means that everybody in my classroom is engaged and involved no matter what level they are in their coding skills”.
– Vicki Knickerbocker, a teacher from Loudoun Country Day School, VA

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