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Thanks to the latest technologies that are always simplifying and making things easier to use, the new Cube and CubeX desktop 3D Printers are the next generation of 3D Printers.  The Cube in particular is so simple to use that we have had children as young as 9 years old operate it independently, and as young as 5 years old with some adult assistance (only to read the touch screen!).  The online tools that are also available have put 3D Printing into the hands of people everywhere without even having to learn a design program.

The other great advantage of these printers is that 3D Printing is finding itself in multiple disciplines throughout schools.  Educators in art, science, technology education, math, engineering, etc., are collaborating all with the same intention – to allow students to hold their design or creation in their hands.  Very cool.

Take a look at the 3D Printers and other manufacturing equipment we have available and please feel free to zip us any questions you may have. We’re happy to help!