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TEC is Pleased to Congratulate Glen Iris Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama, Winner of the Cube 3D Printer Giveaway!

blackcube3-w-houseAll of the applications received for TEC’s Cube 3D Printer School Giveaway showed a high interest in a 3D Printer for their school.  TEC’s decision based on the merits of a single question that asked what top three objectives the educator would like to accomplish with a Cube 3D Printer.  After reviewing hundreds of applications, Glen Iris Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama was selected to receive the Cube 3D Printer.  This school’s response demonstrated a plan to expose, prepare, and engage their student population to engineering technologies and careers using the Cube 3D Printer. 


Didn’t win?  Put your application to work for you!

“We encourage people to use their completed application that outlines their classroom 3D printer plan, and take it to their school PTO/PTA organizations, parent advisory boards, local businesses, etc. to solicit funds towards a Cube 3D Printer for their school,” suggests Justyn Constant, Marketing Manager at TEC.  To help you get started, read on!


For applicants only:  A special limited-time offer to help you get started!

Thank you to all of the educators who submitted an application to receive a free Cube 3D Printer for their school.  Mr. Richard Amarosa, former Educator and President/Founder of TEC comments, “Our hats go off to all of the educators who put forth the effort to implement 3D printing technologies into their classroom and school.  They are the advocates who bring opportunities to our young people and broaden their educational experiences.”

To acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of all the applicants, TEC is pleased to offer a limited time “Getting Started” Cube 3D Printer Promotion until the end of this school year:  TEC will contribute:

  • $50 “Mini Grant”
  • FREE cartridge of printer material
  • Plus a FREE classroom Five-User Lab Pack of KeyCreator™ Direct Modeling CAD Software (academic value of $795)

To qualify, TEC must have on record that we received a valid application for the “TEC’s Cube 3D Printer School Giveaway” from the person purchasing the Cube 3D Printer.  This offer ends 6/30/15.  If you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, please call 1-800-338-2238 or email sales@TECedu.com for information.