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MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — Kubotek USA has officially released the newest version of KeyCreator 2015 v13.5.  KeyCreator Direct CAD, arguably the fastest CAD modeling solution currently available, adds several new features and functions for even more dynamic modeling and editing.  The release also includes many customer-driven enhancements for a better user experience.  In addition, the speedy design-to-manufacture prowess and legendary CAD data reuse KeyCreator Direct CAD is known for is further enhanced by new design import options for 2D file types.

KeyCreator 2015 also contains a new dynamic sketching tool called DynaSketch which gives users the option to quickly draw irregular, complex shapes.  Dimensions and values can be added on the fly, and the function can be invoked in both the 2D and 3D environments of KeyCreator.  DynaSketch is just one of the many dynamic tools in which KeyCreator users can bring their designs to fruition.

Other new dynamic editing tools in this most up-to-date release provide unique flexibility in design creation and editing. Functions like Dynamic Extrude or Dynamic Revolve let users build their model as they move their mouse. This real-time visualization makes for easier design conceptualization. Several new highlight videos are available showing these new dynamic functions at work.

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