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Ultimaker 3 Advanced 3D Printing Kit


A great add-on for your Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D Printer!

Get consistent, quality results by achieving an enhanced build plate adhesion and controlled temperature environment inside your Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended with the Advanced 3D Printing Kit!

Ultimaker’s Advanced 3D Printing Kit has been designed to help you get consistent, reliable print results – every time. Special adhesion sheets included in the kit minimize warping and achieve better bed adhesion – a welcome alternative to glue! And the door creates a more controlled environment inside your 3D printer; which means a more stable temperature and a higher print success rate. Quality and performance of the printed parts will be also improved as a result.  We mainly recommend this kit in combination with the engineering filaments, although other materials will also benefit from it.

What’s included?

The Advanced 3D Printing Kit contains the following items:

  • 1 snap-on front enclosure
  • 25 adhesion sheets
  • 1 adhesive applicator
  • 1 glass plate

Glass Plate The extra glass plate means you no longer have to wait to remove the finished print from the Ultimaker 3 printer. Instead, you can quickly swap the glass plate for a new one, allowing you to directly start a new print, saving valuable time! Instructions on how to install the glass plate can be found in the Ultimaker 3manual. b

Snap-on Door The snap-on door is very effective when printing with materials that are prone to warping and delaminating. This door keeps the warmth from the heated bed inside theprinter and protects the print from external influences, consequently creating astable environment with a constant temperature of 45ºC.

Because of this, the printed material will cool down slower and the temperature is more evenly distributed throughout the print. This leads to lower shrinkage and a decreased chance of warping and delamination.

The use of the door is strongly advised for most filaments that print at higher temperatures and which are likely to have problems with layer bonding. Because the door controls the temperature inside the printer, it prevents delamination and improves the surface quality of the prints.

You can find detailed instructions on how to installthe front enclosure here.

b Adhesion sheets The adhesion sheets can be used for most materials to improve adhesion to the build plate and are highly recommended for CPE+ and PC and required for PP. It is important that the sheet is applied correctly to prevent air bubbles and to ensure a flat printing surface. You can find instructions on how toapply the sheet here.

For most other materials the sheets are optional as they replace the use of the glue stick. Only for TPU 95A we advise against printing on the adhesion sheet; this material simply sticks too well to the sheet and removing the print from the platform is extremely difficult.

When to use the Advanced 3D Printing Kit?

The Advanced 3D Printing Kit can be used in combination with all Ultimaker filaments, although the benefits are greater for some materials than for others. See the table below for an overview of the compatibility and advice:

Material Door Adhesion sheet
PLA Optional Optional
ABS Highly recommended Optional
CPE Optional Optional
CPE+ Highly recommended Recommended
PC Highly recommended Highly recommended
Nylon Optional Optional
TPU 95A     Optional Not advised
PP Highly recommended Required
PVA Optional Optional

b Order Yours!

570-0096 Ultimaker Advanced Printing Kit for the Ultimaker 3 $119.95 Default_Buymetemp_086
570-0096X Ultimaker Advanced Printing Kit for the Ultimaker 3 Extended $119.95 Default_Buymetemp_086
570-0097 Ultimaker Adhesion Sheets – 25 pack $25.00 Default_Buymetemp_086



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