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Ultimaker PP Material

Ultimaker PP (polypropylene) Material – Fatigue and Chemical-Resistant

Ultimaker PP is durable.  It has high toughness, exceptional fatigue resistance, and low friction.  It also has good chemical, temperature, and electrical resistance.  PP is one of the most widely used plastics on the planet!  From electrical components to living hinges, PP is the go-to material for prototyping and end-use products.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker PP

  • Durable with high toughness and fatigue resistance (PP retains its shape after torsion, bending, and/or flexing)
  • Low friction and smooth surfaces
  • Good heat resistance (up to 105°C)
  • Semi-flexible
  • Chemical resistance to a wide range of bases and acids, including industrial cleaning agents
  • High electrical resistance makes it a good electrical insulator
  • Very resistant to moisture
  • Translucent
  • Low density resulting in lightweight parts (high strength-to-weight ratio)
  • Excellent layer bonding
  • Adequate bed adhesion and low warping when using Advanced 3D Printing Kit adhesion sheets
  • Recyclable, for low environmental impact

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