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Tiertime UP300 3D Printer

Versatility with Precision!

“…versatile workhorse of a 3D printer.”

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The Tiertime UP300 for Large or Material-Specific Prints


The UP300 is unique in that it was designed with three separate extruders optimized for different materials. Each is designed specifically for a matching material type. One is for ABS or other high temperature materials, another is for lower temperature filaments such as PLA, and the third is for TPU, a flexible polyurethane. The UP300 allows users to easily switch from one material to the other without the timely process of removing spools of material, and the large build area delivers even more design freedom!

Hot New Features of the UP300 include:

  • Three separate extruders optimized for specific materials – ABS-like, PLA-like and TPU.

  • Double-sided Interchangeable Build Plates: (1) Perf Glass Board and (2) Flex Glass Board. The glass surface provides a flat base that is perfect for parts that don’t require a raft.

  • Waste Collection Tray: A removable waste collection tray is positioned below the build platform to make cleaning the bottom of the printer’s enclosure a breeze.

  • Dual Filtration System featuring HEPA and activated carbon filters to radically reduce toxic UFP and VOC emissions.

  • Multiple users can queue jobs to the printer = more 3D printing!

And the best part…Current Price is Only $2,199! (USD)

Installation, Set-up and Training available in the northeast, contact us for details!

  • Tiertime UP300 3D Printer
  • Accessories box
  • Pliers
  • Scaper
  • Power cord
  • Adapter
  • 500g of ABS
  • Perf Glass Board
  • Flex Glass Board

UP300 Unboxing Video

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