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The Latest in Laser Technology!

CO2 + Fiber: It’s like having two laser engravers in one!

The Two-in-One new Hybrid model allows powerful laser engraving for organic materials AND metallic with CO2 and Fiber dual lasers in one system!

The Spirit GLS Hybrid is a 30-100W CO2 laser and 30-50W fiber laser dual tubes incorporated in one laser machine! This feature allows for engraving, cutting, and marking on both organic and metal pieces possible.  How does this work?  The dual-laser technology of Spirit GLS Hybrid allows users to specify laser types using different color pens during the Windows driver setting. The laser system will then switch automatically between laser tubes within one job. No optics change or manual adjustment is needed!

In addition to the dual-laser technology, Spirit GLS Hybrid also incorporates several improvements into its design, including the Red Pointer Alignment feature, tempered glass top window protection, and removable exhaust duct.

Spirit GLS Hybrid Highlights:

  • Laser engrave both the leather and metal ring in one job!

    Featuring both CO2 laser and fiber laser tubes! No machine adjustments needed when switching between dual lasers firing!

  • 38″ x 24″ (960 mm x 610 mm) extra large working area with pass through front and rear door option for long pieces
  • Fiber laser waveform control technology
  • Features both an emergency stop button and key switch for extra safe operation
  • Patented SmartACTTM motion control technology increases your productivity by reducing ramping process and job running time
  • Drag and engrave feature assures remarkably easy and fast set-ups
  • Reliable DuraGuide motion system with reinforced Kevlar belt delivers superb output quality

The GCC Spirit series has received worldwide accolades from the signs and awards industry since its introduction.

Spirit GLS Hybrid Technical Specifications (PDF)


Now with GCC Hybrid Technology, you have MORE OPPORTUNITIES than ever before for laser technologies in your FabLab, Makerspace or Classroom!

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