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Vinyl Replacement Parts and Accessories

EX series Stand
  EX 24″ Series Stand
560-0077 $140.00

gcc-rx-61-floor-stand   RX Series Stand (for 24″ only) 560-0062 $450.00

add-on flat table   Add-on Flat Table 560-0089 $140.00

Safe blade   Safe Blade 560-0073 $3.00

  Cutting blades
Cutting blades   Red Cap 45 Degree Blade Cutter, 5 Pack 560-0072BOX $55.00
  Blue Cap 60 Degree Blade Cutter 560-0079BL $26.00
  Black Cap Blade for Cutter 560-0079BK $22.00
  Green Cap Blade for Cutter 560-0079GR $26.00
  Red Cap Blade for Cutter 560-0079R $22.00
  Yellow Cap 25 Degree Blade for Cutter, 5 Pack 560-0079YL $55.00

Cutting pad-for vinyl   Cutting Pad-for Vinyl 560-0061 $25.00

Blade holder   Blade Holder 560-0079BH  $70.00

 SignPal 10.5   SignPal Apprentice
Provides all the basic features for the entry-level sign making.
  SignPal Expert
In addition to design and vinyl cut capabilities, SignPal Expert includes Contour, AutoTrace and Scanning functions that help you make vinyl signs more easily and flexibly. Practical management tools, like Job Info, are also available with this version.








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