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Fab Labs

Your “Single Source” Academic Fab Lab & Maker Space Provider!

Let us help you build your Fab Lab or Maker Space, one piece at a time!

Fab Labs and Maker Spaces teach hands-on STEM and Engineering Education with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing lab equipment. They allow students to break out of traditional classroom roles and gain career-shaping experiences by designing and building real products using revolutionary manufacturing technologies.

Working with local industry and members within the community, school and university Fab Labs/Maker Spaces are quickly becoming the hottest resource worldwide for turning ideas into reality. Tech Ed Concepts has been assisting Engineering Educators for over 25 years; use our experience and expertise to help you build your School/Community Fab Lab or Maker Space!

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Fab Lab Equipment Options – Partial List Only!

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(Contact TEC for equipment territory details.)

3D Printers (/Ultimaker/3D Systems/Roland)*

Starting at $1,199!


  • Ultimaker 2Go / Ultimaker 2+ / Ultimaker 2 Extended +
  • Ultimaker 3 / Ultimaker 3 Extended
  • ProJet® 1200
  • ProJet® 2500/3600 Series/5000/5500/6000/7000
  • ProJet® 260C/360/460Plus/660Pro/860Pro
  • Roland ARM-10


3D Scanners (3D Systems)

  • Sense II 3D Scanners

Desktop Mills (Roland)

  • SRM-20 SRP Mill
  • MDX-40A SRP Mill
  • MDX-50 SRP Mill with Automatic Tool Changer
  • MDX 540/540A/540SA SRP Mill

Routers (EZ-Router)

  • Scorpion
  • EZ-Router
  • EZ-Mini
  • EZ-Flex
  • EZ-Squared

Plasma Cutters (EZ-Router)

  • The Spitfire
  • EZ-Plasma Green Machine

CAD/CAM Software
(available to academic customers only)

• KeyCreator® 3D Direct Modeling CAD Professional Software

• SURFCAM® Cutting Edge CAD/CAM Solution

• Envisioneer™ 3D Architectural, Interior & Landscape Design Software

Vinyl Cutters (GCC/Roland)

  • Expert II (24” | 52″)
  • Expert II LX (24” | 52″)
  • Expert Pro 60 (24”) / Expert Pro 132 (52”)
  • Puma III Series (24” / 52”)
  • Jaguar II (24” / 40” / 52” / 72”)
  • RX II Series (24″ / 40″ / 52″ / 72″)
  • Roland GS-24 (24″)

Professional Printers and Cutters (Roland)

  • VersaStudio BN-20
  • TrueVIS SG Series
  • TrueVIS VG Series
  • VersaUV® LEF UV Desktop Flatbed Printers
  • VersaUV® LEF-300 UV Flatbed Printer

Desktop Engraver

  • Roland EGX-350

Laser Engravers and Cutters (LaserPro)

  • C180 II Desktop (12W, 30W, 40W)
  • Spirit LS (12W, 25W, 30W, 40W, 60W, 80W)
  • Spirit GLS (30W, 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W)
  • Spirit GLS Hybrid – CO2 & Fiber Laser Technology! (CO2 laser 30 to 100 W, Fiber laser 20W, 30W, 50W)
  • Mercury III (12W, 25W, 40W)
  • S290LS (200W)
  • X252 (80W, 100W)
  • X380 (80W, 100W)
  • X500 (100W)

Getting Started Tips: (1) Build your Fab Lab one piece of equipment at a time. (2) Approach local industry for financing in exchange for providing access to digital fabrication. (3) Market the Fab Lab as a community resource, offering scheduled access for individuals and special programs.

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