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Complete 3D CAD Solution: 2D drafting, 3D design, and 3D Direct CAD Modeling offering the best combination of tools for teaching and learning Computer-Aided Design!

    • Easy to learn, easy to use!
    • Create customizable workspaces
    • Push, pull, prune, graft
    • Works with any CAD data

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KeyCreator is a World leader in 3D Direct CAD Modeling Software that fits in every school budget!  KeyCreator is known for its ability to allow users to quickly create design concepts, make changes to any model in any format, and extract and modify geometry in real-time on imported CAD models. For Students, this means less time learning CAD software and more time on designing and advancing in skills and technical experience!   KeyCreator uses the same variety of skill-sets as AutoDesk, but for much less money, and is easier to use.

    • Sophisticated detailing and 2D/3D drawing creation
    • Powerful surface modeling capabilities
    • Extremely flexible assembly capabilities
    • Show toolpath creation with KeyMachinist, a fully integrated 2-3 axis NC Milling package within KeyCreator
    • Advanced solid modeling & full featured surface modeling solutions
    • Unmatched ease-of-use providing students with 2D, 3D, Solid & Surface Modeling, and Drafting and NC Milling

KC-image08a car

KeyCreator is the only Direct Modeling CAD software to include many powerful engineering tools and capabilities in one complete package, including KeyCreator Machinist, for fully integrated 2-3 axis NC milling.

“KeyCreator makes so much sense to the students that they often ask, ‘why would anyone want to use any other CAD program?’ They see many advantages to the geometry-based software and…can build a model much faster in KeyCreator than in the parametric software.”

– Ralph Semrock, Assoc. Prof. , Owens Community College, OH

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