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3D Architectural, Interior, & Landscape
Design Software with VR

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Featuring Virtual Reality with OculusRift™!

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Students design and create a model in Envisioneeer, then put an Oculus Rift™ or HTC Vive Helmet™ on and enter VR mode. It’s that easy! Envisioneer is the first 3D design product to offer real-time navigation in 3D stereo mode.

Optimal for Student Success!

  • Justin Simerly & John Cole of Hampton H.S., received high honors at the TN State TSA Competition using Envisioneer!

    Justin Simerly & John Cole, top medalists at the TN State TSA Competition using Envisioneer!

    User friendly interface makes learning fun and creative

  • Powerful wizards for House, Kitchen, Shed and Deck
  • Visual feedback with photo realistic 3D models and Virtual Reality!
  • Integrated tools for entire home design: exterior, interior, decking, shed design & landscaping

Ideal for teaching:

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscaping
  • Terrain Modeling
  • 3D Modeling
  • Working Drawings
  • Rendering
  • Animation
  • Estimating

Envisioneer is an affordable solution to help you attract students and engage their interest in a fun, creative way.

A friendly, user interface, powerful wizards, and intuitive tools help students achieve success and promote their desire to advance their learning!

What teachers (and students) are saying about Envisioneer…

As a math teacher, I have found Envisioneer to be an excellent interactive tool for my students, giving them the opportunity to experience geometry, measuring, and spatial relationships in a modern, engaging manner.
– Adam Booth, Lake Middle School, Hartville, Ohio

Envisioneer without doubt has been the best new software for middle school students of all abilities. Success stories are plentiful and in all my classes. The transition from two to three dimension is great and effortless. Envisioneer is exciting, powerful yet challenging and fun. All students display much higher levels of listening, sharing knowledge and retainment of knowledge for class assignments…Thank You for a great motivating product.
– Victor Stefan, Lake Middle School, Hartville, Ohio

I like using Envisioneer because it is very user friendly and easy to learn. Currently I am working on a couple projects with the program and one is for class and the other one I am working on is for my brother. The project for my brother he wanted me to redesign his basement and come up with an estimate so in the future I can remodel it for it.
– Jacob Galles, Student, Iowa Lakes Community College, IA

I like Envisioneer because it lets me get my design ideas out faster than doodling on a piece of paper. I enjoy designing kitchens a lot, and Envisioneer lets me change the styles of cabinets, colors, and different options in utilities.  I usually make different house designs to picture what kind of layout would work better with what size of house.
– Tate Kizzier, Student, Iowa Lakes Community College, IA

As the Program Coordinator for the Construction Technology Program at Iowa Lakes Community College, I am always looking for the best products for my students to learn with, and get their hands on.  I believe [Envisioneer] gives them an edge over the competition in the job market, and gives them an elevated skill set for the ever changing Construction industry…I also can’t say enough about the great customer service I get with Technology Education Concepts, Inc.  
– Corey Menning, Construction Technology Program Coordinator at Iowa Lakes Community College, IA