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Energy Concepts Training Systems

Real-world Technical Training Systems that provide actual work skills!

Energy Concepts, Inc. (ECI) is known as a premier producer of real-world technical training systems that provide actual work skills for technology-related careers and professions. Join the thousands of schools who have chosen ECI’s products to implement their contextual science and mathematics programs!

Curriculum Included!

All ECI technical training systems include both hardware and curriculum.  The curriculum for several ECI training systems has been approved by the Center for Occupational Research and Development (CORD).





Areas of Study Include:

Applied Science

Engineering Principles

Industrial Controls

Electricity and Electronics


Flexible Course Options Available!

ECI Courses are packaged as single semester through 2-year programs to allow flexible implementation to meet the needs of your curriculum. Ask a sales consultant for more info! 

Additional product information can also be found on ECI’s website: http://eci-info.com

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