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TEC is happy to provide the assistance you need to purchase a new Cube or CubeX desktop 3D Printer!  We offer exceptional customer service and printing assistance.  Call (800-338-2238) to speak with a representative or email us with any questions!

Cube 3D Printer Academic Bundle Includes:

    • KeyCreator 3D CAD Software FREE!  (For use by validated students, faculty or schools)

In the Box :

    • Cube 3D Printer
    • EZ Load Cartridge
    • 25 FREE Creation Downloads
    • Print Pad
    • Power Supply and Cord
    • Cube Tube
    • Magic CubeStick
    • USB

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CubeX 3D Printer Academic Bundle  Includes:

    • KeyCreator 3D CAD Software FREE! (For use by validated students, faculty or schools)

In the Box : 

    • – CubeX 3D Printer 
    • – (1) PLA Print Cartridge(white) with CubeX
    • – (2) PLA Print Cartridges (white and red) with CubeX Duo
    • – (3) PLA Cartridges with CubeX Trio (white, red and blue) 
    • – 10 professional grade models 
    • – Free Cubify Invent Design Software 
    • – Power Supply and Cord
    • – Experienced, friendly customer support available 16 hours/day

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