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Ultimaker is excited to announce the launch of the Ultimaker Core Lessons: STEAM Set, eight free lessons for STEAM educators!  This set has been added to the Ultimaker Education page, joining hundreds of other projects, resources, and examples collected from the Ultimaker Pioneers and beyond, and this set is an excellent place for all new Ultimaker educators to get ideas!

An outline of what’s included in the STEAM Set:

  • STEAM Lessons Instructional Overview
  • Within each of the 8 Lessons:
    • Lesson Overview
    • Example .STL files
    • Help Sheets
    • Walkthroughs

The recommended age range for participants for these beginner lessons is 10+.  The STEAM Set is posted here on Ultimaker’s website where you can download all the lessons for FREE!  You can also check out the blog post, “Introducing Ultimaker’s Core Lessons Set for STEAM Educators” here.