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It’s here! KeyCreator Version 14.0 is now shipping!

What do you get when you take a good CAD program and make it better? KeyCreator 2016! Available immediately, KeyCreator 2016 is the latest software release from Kubotek and offers numerous new features, improved functions, and many customer-driven enhancements that build upon the productivity and flexibility for which KeyCreator Direct CAD is known.

Special Pricing for Academic Users:
The commercial price is over $4,000 per seat, but we offer the same commercial software for the academic price of only $249 or less per seat!*
*Either school purchase order or academic verification required to be eligible for academic pricing.

Email moreinfo@TECedu.com for an academic quote and if you already have KeyCreator, ask for Upgrade Pricing!

Click here to read the full press release from KubotekUSA that mentions details about the new features, partnerships, etc.