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v10-logoEnvisoneer 10 is focused on working faster, simpler and with more accuracy.

Key features include:

  • An entirely new Structural Floor tool that simplifies floor framing but at the same time increases the complex framing capabilities.
  • Introduction of steel framing capabilities and designation of load bearing and non load bearing walls from the catalog.
  • Enhanced member insertion options for increased accuracy.
  • Additional tools for material list reporting capabilities.
  • Server licensing for Envisioneer Construction suite users in larger offices and schools.
  • Enhanced window and door editing and labeling capabilities

Envisioneer 10 is available immediately through TEC here!

Download a list of Envisioneer V10 New Features

Watch YouTube video of Envisioneer V10 – Wall Framing

Watch YouTube video of Envisioneer V10 – Members

Watch YouTube video of Envisioneer V10 – Wall Openings

Watch YouTube video of Envisioneer V10 – Structural Floors

Download Envisioneer V10 Brochure