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Cube3 printingAt the end of December, 3D Systems announced the “End-of-Life” of the Cube 3D Printer (sniff, sniff).

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Cube 3D printer before they are gone, TEC, Inc. has just a few in stock.  We would suggest you call us right away (1-800-338-2238) if you’re interested or place an order in our secure webstore [link].

What’s “the plan” for cartridges and parts?

We are pleased to report that the consumables and parts for the Cube 3rd Gen. will continue to be available for quite some time, and the optional 9-month, two-year and three-year extended warranties are available at the time of purchase for all new printers that are still in stock.  Consumables and parts will continue to be available from our secure webstore [link].

It has proven to be a fantastic 3D printer, especially for the academic marketplace, and has opened the door for many students by exposing them to the latest manufacturing technologies being used in industry.  Check out this raving review that came out just today from 3D Printing Industry (please note that the author made an error when he stated that it only prints in PLA, it prints in ABS and Infinity Rinse-Away Support Material as well).

3D Systems also added, “Availability of the CubePro® 3D printer—designed for desktop engineering, educational and professional applications—will continue uninterrupted.”

R.I.P. our little friend!  You will be missed…