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“The Mayku FormBox is a desktop vacuum former that brings your ideas to life. It works with any vacuum cleaner and a whole selection of different materials. Use it to make molds in minutes with no additional software or digital model manipulation needed. Seeing those big ideas come to life never seemed so simple.”- Mayku

Frequently asked questions about the Mayku.


  • Are the products used recyclable?  
    • Form Sheets – HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) are fully recyclable, and partly made from recycled plastic waste.
    • Cast Sheets – PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) are fully recyclable, and partly made from recycled plastic waste
  •  What’s the bed size?
    • Bed size – 7.9” x 7.9” (200mm x 200mm)
  •  What’s the cost of products used?
    • Cast sheets: $39.00 for 30 sheets.
    • Form Sheets: $39.00 for 30 sheets.
  • Where can I buy Mayku recommended plaster?
  • Does Mayku Sell a resin?
    • There is no resin currently sold by Mayku, but they recommend Gedeo Crystal Resin by Pebeo, in conjunction with a silicone or wax aerosol release agent. 
  • Can you buy generic products or do you have to buy everything through Mayku? 
    • Currently only the Form and Cast sheets are sold by us and Mayku. All other products are generic purchased at retail.
  • Do you need a special vacuum?
    • No, but it must have a cord to plug it into the machine

If you have more questions please contact us at techsupport@tecedu.com

And you can buy the Mayku from us right here.