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Kubotek announces the availability of KeyCreator 2014 version 12.6 for customers with active maintenance status. The downloads for 12.6 are available now from the Kubotek USA Customer Support area.

KeyCreator 2014 version 12.6 Features

  • Updated translators for SolidWorks 2014 and NX 9
  • Numerous user-driven improvements (refer to Release Notes for details)

This release will install into a new folder directory.

The KeyCreator 2014 version 12.6 CKD file format is compatible with version 12.5 file formats.  However, CKD files from version 12.6 are not compatible with earlier versions of KeyCreator.

Downloading KeyCreator version 12.6

Start by logging into the Kubotek Customer Support site. Once logged in, select the “My Software” option in the menu on the left. This will display all of the products available to you. Select the desired product and you will be directed to the license details and product downloads page.

Additional Notes:

  • The available 64-bit version is recommended for users with large files or assemblies over 100 MB in size, 64-bit Windows, and over 4 GB RAM.
  • If you start KeyCreator and get a message stating that your license is for earlier versions, then you will have to update your activation. To do so, please select the “License Wizard” shortcut from your Windows Start Menu. Choose “Manage current license activations” and then press the “Upgrade” button.


Not on active maintenance? 

Click to contact us if you want to update your software maintenance agreement.

If you require additional assistance please contact Tech Ed Concepts, Inc. Technical Support or call 1-800-338-2238.