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Intelitek Industry Certifications

Intelitek partners with leading manufacturers in Industry to develop Certifications

Industry certifications

  • help students develop their career interests and reach their goal

  • are a ladder to future success

  • help you qualify students for jobs

  • are what hiring employers look for on resumes.

For employers, Industry Certifications provide validation and confidence when picking candidates out of the sea of potential workers.

Benefits of Certification

Validated Skills
Students with certification have experiences the real-world demands of work in a practical way. Industry certification helps students with essential skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and planning. Certifications serve as a signal to employers and colleges that the student has the motivation to go the extra mile.

Shows Student’s Engagement
Students who earn industry certifications have higher GPAs, are significantly more likely to graduate, and are less likely to be chronically absent or have a disciplinary action.

Anchors for Career Pathways
Industry certifications are often the starting point for students on a career pathway and serve as benchmarks along a career map. The skills embedded in certification training can transfer to multiple career pathways, retaining their relevance as the students learn and evolve in their career interests.

Authentication of Skill Acquisition
Certification validates that the student has demonstrated mastery of up-to-date skills in a field. Certifications help students just entering the workforce who may lack work experience, and help employers find confident candidates with ratified hands-on experience.

Ensure Career Success
Industry certifications help students enter better jobs and earn higher wages when they enter the workforce. Applicants with industry certifications on their resume command a salary premium.

Machine Vision Certification



Intelitek has partnered with Cognex, the global leader in Machine Vision, to develop a machine vision and quality control training program certification. High schools, community colleges, and technical schools can offer an industry recognized Machine Vision certification based on the Cognex In-Sight 2000 series vision sensors. The training program delivers skills-based training and blended learning programs to prepare students for in-demand professions in industry.

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Certification Logo

Robotics Certification

Intelitek has partnered with Yaskawa MotoMan Robotics a world leader in industrial robotics to offer a Robotics Certification Program.The Intelitek Certified Robotics programs provide robotic learning to career technical education programs, offering curriculum and project-based activities to prepare students by working with real world industrial robots. Students who complete the training with the Yaskawa Motoman robot can take a certification test and become Operator or Programmer Certified.

This Yaskawa endorsed certification is highly revered in industry and can give a candidate a leg up when searching in the job market.

“Certified Yaskawa Robot Operator”


“Certified Yaskawa Robot Programmer”



RobotExpert Certification



Intelitek has partnered with Siemens PLM to provide an advanced training program that addresses Industry 4.0 and offers instruction for 21st century industrial methodology.
Students will be able to learn sophisticated methodologies and enhanced knowledge of manufacturing operations.

Partnering with Siemens, we will offer an industry certification program for RobotExpert.

The program:

  • Integrates real industry software into Intelitek learning plans for manufacturing
  • Enhances the depth of Intelitek Advanced Manufacturing programs
  • Expands the Intelitek FMS/CIM solutions to include Siemens software in a curriculum that walk students through the process of using, simulating and programming using the RobotExpert Software with industry 4.0 standards
  • Provides a Siemens/Intelitek certification for proficiency in the Siemens software

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