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Most Popular Cutters for Schools and Universities:

Foster features an array of cutters that can handle multiple types of substrates – from flexible and fabric to rigid and semi-rigid.

  • Vertical Multi-Substrate Cutters: For cutting Rigid and Semi-Rigid substrates used in today’s sign making market.
  • Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straight Edges: The strong, precise and portable laser-trued straight edge, is perfect for marking, drawing, scoring or cutting.
  • Precision Cutter Bars: The industry’s most precise wide-format cutters, engineered for speed and convenience. Designed for cutting Semi-Rigid and Flexible substrates.
  • Rotary Trimmers: Working with flexible rolled media?  Rotary trimmers allow operators to trim graphics cleanly and quickly.
  • Mat Cutters: Professional mat cutters designed to cut Mat Boards used by picture framers, artists and photographers.
  • Flexo Plate Cutter: Designed specifically for cutting flexo printing plates, Foster’s Safety Flexo Plate Cutter takes the onerous task of hand beveling out of your hands, minimizing the risk of injury from re-makes and bad cuts.
  • Work Benches: Turn your precision cutting bar into a cutting system!  Foster Keencut Workbenches are strong, elegant, modular systems designed to create a perfect working environment.

Pages from Foster Catalog 2016-17 (2) Call us or email for pricing and information on other Foster models!

You can also download the full Foster Catalog here.

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