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Fashion meets 3D Printing with Fabricate™ on the Cube 3D Printer!


A new breakthrough in fashion design!  Create your own pattern, design or texture using your Cube 3D Printer or download the Cube-ready designs.  It’s a whole new twist to personal 3D printing, and your wardrobe!  Awesome new technology to add to Family and Consumer Science classrooms, too.

“How to:”

  1. Download and 3D print Cube-ready designs and take your sartorial game to the next level.
  2. 3D print a footprint layer, then add mesh fabric the size of the print plate. Next, print the texture on top of the mesh so it is sandwiched in.
  3. After your print is complete, sew the mesh fabric.

Want to learn more?  Watch this video.  See some designs.



Fabricate Cube Pack

Fabricate Cube Starter Pack Only $1,199!*

*Plus shipping.

Cube, 24 squares of fabric, Neon green and White PLA cartridges, PLA cartridge of your choice (Black, White or Pale yellow), designs, glue

Email sales@TECedu.com to learn more.

Already own a Cube?
Fabricate Designs Pack

Get started with your own fashion designs with the Fabricate Designs Pack for only $149 plus shipping!

24 squares of fabric, 1 PLA cartridge (Pale yellow), designs, glue

Email sales@TECedu.com to learn more.