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LaserPro Engraver Projects

Web-based Projects Kit

for the GCC LaserPro C180 and C180II Desktop Laser Engraver
and the Spirit LS Laser Engraver


These projects help students learn how to use the LaserPro C180/C180II/Spirit LS Laser Engravers.

The best way to get your students familiarized quickly with new equipment!

Applied Technologies’ quick-start tutorial for the LaserPro C180 and C180 II and the LaserPro Spirit LS Laser Engravers provides students with a growing series of step-by-step projects that utilize these machines. These projects provide real-world experience which dovetails into direct support for your school or program through the creation of merchandise that can be used for promotion or sales, and most importantly teaches your students entrepreneurship education. 

Any software relevant to each project is also explored. This includes both proprietary software used solely with a specific machine to more widely-applicable programs such as image editing suites. Web-based delivery makes content easy to access and use from any computer with an Internet connection. Simple navigation lets you and students focus on the material and not maneuvering through needlessly-complex software. Other projects are always being developed by Applied Technologies, adding further value to your initial purchase. These may, if you wish, form a foundation for more advanced projects of your own design.

Projects allow students to create, refine, and/or assemble a number of items, giving their work an end result they can hold in their hands.

Projects include:

•  Birdhouse

•  Checkers Set

•  Engraved Jar

•  Image Engravings

•  Model Rocket with Wooden Fins

•  Whirligig

Topics covered include:

• Maintenance

• Cleaning

• Safety

• Loading

• Production

Project Supplies Included:
Individual projects require supplies. Included supplies and the number of projects that can be completed with a single set are listed below.

• 100  –  1/8″ x 11-3/4″ x 11-3/4″ Plywood (or similar)

• 4  –  1/4″ x 24″ Dowel Rods

• 50  –  3/4″ x 9-1/2″ x 7-1/2″ Poplar

• 50  –  1/8″ x 5″ x 3″ Plywood (or similar)

• 6  –  Cans Gloss Black General Purpose Spray Paint

• 50  –  Pint Canning Jars

• 1  –  Pack of Assorted Sandpaper

• 5  –  White Glue Bottles

• Online Project Tutorials

560-0563 LaserPro C180/C180II Project Kit (download PDF brochure) $995  Order
560-0564 LaserPro Spirit LS Project Kit (download PDF brochure) $995  Order
560-0563R Supplies Refill Kit for C180/C180II/Spirit LS Project Kit $650  Order


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