CubePro Cartridges, Parts & Accessories


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Infinity Rinse-Away Material

NOT compatible with CubeX 3D Printers!

white Natural Infinity Rinse-Away for the CubePro 3D Printer
Compatible with Nylon and PLA Cartridges ONLY. Learn more

Nylon Material for the CubePro

NOT compatible with CubeX 3D Printers!

white Natural Nylon Material for the CubePro 3D Printer
Learn more
white White Nylon Material for the CubePro 3D Printer
Learn more
black Black Nylon Material for the CubePro 3D Printer
Learn more

Wood Material for the CubePro

This material is compatible with CubePro Duo and CubePro Trio 3D Printers. It is compatible with wood itself and PLA only (supports can be in wood or PLA).

natural_Wood_planetWood Material for the CubePro Duo & Trio
Compatible with Wood and PLA Cartridges ONLY. **Must use with CubePro Advanced Material Nozzle!**
Learn more
CubePro Advanced Material Nozzle
**Required for printing with wood filament.** This is a nozzle with a larger diameter to resist clogging.

ABS Color Cartridges

Recyclable ABS Plastic Cartridges.  Compatible with CubeX 3D Printers.

white White CubePro ABS Cartridge401-2125$99
red Red CubePro ABS Cartridge401-2121$99
yellow Yellow CubePro ABS Cartridge401-2126$99
neon-green Neon Green CubePro ABS Cartridge401-2118$99
green Green CubePro ABS Cartridge401-2115$99
blue Blue CubePro ABS Cartridge401-2111$99
navy-blue Navy Blue CubePro ABS Cartridge401-2132$99
black Black CubePro ABS Cartridge401-2110$99
silver Silver CubePro ABS Cartrige401-2122$99
purple Purple CubePro ABS Cartridge401-2120$99

PLA Color Cartridges

Compostable PLA plastic cartridges. Compatible with CubeX 3D Printers.

white White CubePro PLA Cartridge 401-2150$99
red Red CubePro PLA Cartridge 4012146$99
neon-orange Neon Orange CubePro PLA Cartridge 401-2144$99
yellow Yellow CubePro PLA Cartridge 401-2151$99
green Green CubePro PLA Cartridge 401-2139$99
blue Blue CubePro PLA Cartridge 401-2135$99
navy-blue Navy Blue CubePro PLA Cartridge 401-2157$99
black Black CubePro PLA Cartridge 401-2134$99
purple Purple CubePro PLA Cartridge 401-2145$99
white Natural (Clear) CubePro PLA Cartridge401-2142$99

Parts and Accessories

CubePro Extruder Kit (photo)
Includes an upgraded extruder, nozzle, tools and installation guide
CubePro Glue Stick 2-Pack (photo)401-2159$18
CubePro Print Pad (photo)401-2162$149
CubePro Motherboard (please email with your serial number so that the board can be programmed.)401-2167$175
Tube Kit Bay 2 FOR ADVANCED MATERIALS ONLY (3DS # 30-185)401-2172AB2$35
Tube Kit Bay 1 (3DS # 30-200)401-2172B1$35
Tube Kit Bay 3 or Bay 2 (cut for Bay 2) (3DS #30-201)401-2172B3$35
CubePro EEPROM PCB Connector that Reads the Cartridge Material (3DS #403103) (photo)401-2187$18

*Due to the large variation of monitors, video cards, operating systems, and internet browsers and the effects each has on each other, the colors on may not exactly match the materials.