It’s at TEC, and it’s shipping!

The CubePro 3D printer is designed to bring your designs to life with professional grade printability for the office, school or home. It is a consumer Plastic Jet Printing (PJP) printer certified for professional, classroom and home use.

The CubePro 3D printer features:

  • Stabilized printing environment for accurate professional quality prints
  • Automated settings to ensure effortless and home and school-safe printing
  • Easy-feed cartridges for prolonged material life
  • Triple color print capability for multi-color, multi-material printing
  • Prints in three materials – Plastic (ABS, PLA) and now Nylon!
  • Eight new material colors in both ABS and PLA plastics: Gold, Bronze, Pale Yellow, Forest Green, Coral, Navy Blue, Dark Gray and Industrial Gray for a total of 24 color options
  • New color touchscreen, user interface and Wi-Fi accessibility

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