Cube 2nd Gen. 3D Printer Cartridges


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NOTE:  These cartridges are to be used with Cube 2nd Generation 3D Printers ONLY.
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ABS Color Cartridges 

Recyclable ABS Plastic Cartridges

White Cube Cartridge550-0605$49
Magenta Cube Cartridge550-0608$49  $39
Red Cube Cartridge550-0601$49
Neon Orange Cube Cartridge550-0609$49
Tan Cube Cartridge (special order item)550-0607$49
Yellow Cube Cartridge550-0604$49
Neon Green Cube Cartridge550-0610$49
Green Cube Cartridge550-0602$49
Blue Cube Cartridge550-0603$49  $39
Black Cube Cartridge550-0606$49
Silver Cube Cartridge550-0617$49
Teal Cube Cartridge (special order item)550-0635$49
Purple Cube Cartridge (special order item)550-0636$49
Brown Cube Cartridge550-0637$49  $39
Glow-in-the-Dark Neon Green550-0619$49
Glow-in-the-Dark Neon Blue550-0620$49

PLA Color Cartridges 

Compostable PLA plastic cartridges. Not compatible with 1st generation Cube printer.

White Cube Cartridge550-0625$49  $39
Red Cube Cartridge550-0621$49
Neon Orange Cube Cartridge550-0626$49  $39
Yellow Cube Cartridge550-0624$49
Neon Green Cube Cartridge550-0627$49
Green Cube Cartridge550-0622$49  $39
Blue Cube Cartridge550-0623$49  $39
Silver Cube Cartridge550-0631$49
Teal Cube Cartridge550-0638$49  $39
Purple Cube Cartridge550-0628$49  $39
Brown Cube Cartridge (special order item)550-0639$49
Black Cube Cartridge550-0642$49  $39
Glow-in-the-Dark Neon Green550-0629$49  $39
Glow-in-the-Dark Neon Blue550-0630$49  $39
Replacement Parts
3D Systems Cube Print Pad


3D Systems Magic CubeStick

(not to be confused with USB Stick)



3D Systems Cube USB Stick

(not to be confused with CubeStick)



Discontinued Item
3D Systems Cube Tube – Pack of 3


3D Systems Cube Power Supply – External


3D Systems Cube PrintJet Assembly