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Ultimaker is excited to announce the Ultimaker Pioneer Program, allowing educators to feature and share their 3D printing expertise and knowledge on the new Ultimaker Education website!
The goal of the Pioneer Program is to bring educators together to collaborate on 3D printing curriculum and content to inspire, excite and motivate their students. The Pioneer Program is printer agnostic, so any educator, regardless of what 3D printer they are using, can participate. This program honors the importance of community to the Ultimaker brand and serves as a way to connect educators throughout North America who are passionate about bringing 3D printing and design into K-12 and higher education.
The new Ultimaker Education site has three main components:

  • Pioneer Program‘Meet the Pioneers’, a scrollable display of the 58 educators who are currently working with Ultimaker
  • Education Blog – written by educators, for educators
  • Resources – a huge collection of new resources for helping educators learn about 3D printing and how to incorporate it into their classrooms

Ultimaker invites you to visit the new Ultimaker Education website to learn how to effectively implement digital fabrication in your own classroom or to create an account to join us as a Pioneer to help shape the future of 3D printing in education!