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Yep, you heard it right – FULL Color P-L-A-S-T-I-C.

ProJet® 4500 Full-color Plastic 3D Printer

ProJet® 4500 Full-color Plastic 3D Printer

TEC, Authorized Representative, in cooperation with 3D Systems is pleased to announce the new ProJet 4500 – a 3D printer capable of printing in durable, full-color plastic.  You asked for it, so here it is!

Based on the proven ColorJet printing technology, the ground-breaking ProJet 4500 features:
• High-quality CMY full-color printing, creating almost one million unique color possibilities
• Strong, durable acrylic plastic parts
• Print speeds 2-5x faster than the competition
• No post-processing requirements
• Recyclable materials for economical and environmental efficiencies

The applications for the ProJet 4500 in a lab or classroom are endless: Communicate and visualize with beautiful concept models; prototype for form, fit and functional testing; and create customized end-use parts.

Contact TEC today to learn more about how the ProJet 4500 3D printer can add the latest in 3D printing technology to your institution.