TEC Classroom 3D Printer Essentials Kit™

Includes proven tools and parts to keep your
3D Printer in full operation – 
Available for FREE with every School Purchase of an Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 3!


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The Ultimaker3 TEC Classroom 3D Printer Essentials Kit™:  As above PLUS six TEC “Store ‘n Save” bags (vs. three) to accommodate additional material for dual head.  The 0.4mm nozzle and Memory Card reader are not included (not applicable to this printer model).

*Kit contents are subject to change.

Download Brochure for Ultimaker 2+ Printers

Download Brochure for Ultimaker 3 Printers



Individual Kit Items
 570-0054 Print Table Glass For Ultimaker 2+/Ultimaker 2Ext+/Ultimaker 3  $34.80 Default_Buymetemp_086
 570-0064 Printed Part Removal Tool – 2 pack $14.00 Default_Buymetemp_086
 570-0068 Nozzle Cleaning Brass Brush – 2 pack $10.00  Default_Buymetemp_086
 570-0067 TEC “Store N’ Save” Mylar Heavy Duty Waterproof Zip-lock Material Storage Bag with Desiccant Pouch – 3 pack  $15.00


 570-0063 Colored Bed Adhesive Glue Sticks – 3 pack $9.00  Default_Buymetemp_086
 570-0065 Part Finishing Sanding Sticks, Waterproof, Dual Grit – 5 pack $10.00 Default_Buymetemp_086
 570-0055PK Ultimaker Bowden Pack
(includes coupling, clamp clip, collet and tube)
 $23.00 Default_Buymetemp_086
570-0041A Ultimaker Print Nozzle 0.4mm (for Ultimaker 2+/2 Extended+ 3D Printers ONLY) $24.00 Default_Buymetemp_086
401-0040 Memory Card to USB Adapter $10.00 Default_Buymetemp_086
401-0043 Small Pliers for Part Detailing $8.00 Default_Buymetemp_086
401-0062 A-A 6′ USB Cable $10.00 Default_Buymetemp_086


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