Consumables for ZPrinter and ProJet 3D Printers

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Item No.
550-0299zp151 Cartridge, 8kg (360202)$668.10
550-0299Bzp 151 Eco-Drum, 14kg (22-360201)$1,111.00
550-0297ZB63 Clear Binder Cartridge (1L) (22-50423)$249.70
550-0297BZB63 Black Binder Cartridge (1L) (360168)$221.10
550-0297CZB63 Cyan Binder Cartridge (.3L) (360167)$89.00
550-0297MZB63 Magenta Binder Cartridge (.3L) (360166)$89.00
550-0297YZB63 Yellow Binder Cartridge (.3L) (360165)$89.00
550-0407CLS3DS Cleaning SolutionPro Cartridge (1L) (360446)$53.00
550-0407SMS3DS StrengthMax 12.9 oz Kit Box (360462)$52.00
550-0407SML3DS StrengthMax Large Kit (360468)$240.00
550-0407SMF3DS StrengthMax Full Kit (360472)$310.00
550-02813DS ColorBond 2kg Container (360449)$436.00
550-0281A3DS ColorBond 454g Container (360448)$110.00
550-0281B3DS ColorBond 57g Container (360447)$28.00
550-03043DS ColorBond Small Dipping Kit (16oz x 3)$378.00
550-03053DS ColorBond Large Dipping Kit (16oz x 6)$714.00
550-0264zb60 Binder, Clear, 1 Gallon (22-06932)$849.20
550-0258zp131 Powder, 10kg Pail (22-06930)$795.30
550-0407PXL3DS VisiJet PXL Clear Binder Cartridge (360434)$227.00
550-0407PXL13DS VisiJet PXL Black Binder Cartridge (360436)$212.00
550-0407PXL23DS VisiJet PXL Cyan Binder Cartridge (360438)$85.00
550-0407PXL33DS VisiJet PXL Magenta Binder Cartridge (360440)$85.00
550-0407PXL43DS VisiJet PXL Yellow Binder Cartridge (360442)$85.00
550-0407PXL83DS VisiJet PXL Core, 8kg (360432)$668.00
550-0407PXL143DS VisiJet PXL Core, 14kg (360430)$1,110.00
550-0406SC3DS VisiJet C4 Spectrum Core, 5kg (361347-01)$1,110.00
550-0406VJCL3DS VisiJet C4 Spectrum Clear Binder Cartridge (361087)$230.00
550-0406VJCY3DS VisiJet C4 Spectrum Cyan Binder Cartridge (361084)$105.00
550-0406VJM3DS VisiJet C4 Spectrum Magenta Binder Cartridge (361085)$105.00
550-0406VJY3DS VisiJet C4 Spectrum Yellow Binder Cartridge (361086)$105.00
23126-9053DS VisiJet S300 Support Material (2 kg bottle) (23126-905)$404.00
24184-9053DS VisiJet M3 Crystal Plastic Material – Natural (2 kg bottle) (24184-905)$642.00
550-0307ProBench Downdraft Table Replacement Pre-Filter (22-17157)$15.00
550-0308ProBench Downdraft Table Replacement Carbon Filter (22-17158)$80.00
550-0052 Case of Wax, 8kg Container (22-10434) $162.00 
550-0274HP11 Print Head (C4810A) for ProJet x60 Series Printers$46.00
550-0209HPHP10 Print Head (C4800A) for ZPrinter 406, 310 and 810 Printers$59.00
550-0407WBWaste Tray – Single pack (22-50065) ProJet 660Pro and 860Pro (and ZPrinter 650/850)$17.00
550-0290Epsom Salt (22-16743)$8.00
550-0238Alcohol Crush Swab (22-12073)$2.00
550-0238CSAlcohol Crush Swab – 50 Pack (22-12073)$90.00
550-0406A3DS Non-Stick Protective Gloves for Colorbond Application (22-16752)$30.00