VersaUV® LEF UV Desktop Flatbed Printers


LEF-20 Product Photo

VersaUV® LEF UV Desktop Flatbed Printers

Available in 20″ x 13″ or 12″ x 11″ sizes, the LEF offers students countless customization and printing possibilities.  Prints directly on a wide range of materials up to 3.94″ thick ranging from plastic, metal, glass, wood, magnetic materials, electronics, heat sensitive materials, and canvas, and  features advanced height sensor, quick curing system, White ink options and Clear ink embossed finishes.

  •  LEF-20………. Was $29,995
     Now $25,995
     LEF-12………. Was $19,995
     Now $17,995
    School P.O.s Welcome!
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    Ideal for higher-level graphic design class offerings, design labs, and professional entrepreneurship opportunities!

Both models come with advanced ECO-UV® inks in CMYK, white and clear formulations. Designed for flexibility, ECO-UV inks image beautifully and conform around the most complex corners and curves. Clear ink can be layered into gloss or matte finishes for unique embossing and varnishing effects. White ink can be printed as a spot color or as a flood behind CMYK to make colors pop on dark backgrounds or clear materials such as acrylic.

The only benchtop UV printer that’s fully enclosed!  Low-heat, LED lamp is safe  and ozone free – and consumes less power.


  • waterbottlesChoose from two models:
    • 20-inch-wide LEF-20
    • 12-inch-wide LEF-12
  • New RotaPrint attachment for the LEF-20 allows for printing around cylindrical objects
  • The long-lasting, energy efficient UV-LED lamp generates low levels of heat for printing directly on a wide range of surfaces and three-dimensional objects
  • golf ballsAdvanced ECO-UV inks in CMYK, white and clear formulations cure instantly and are flexible so they won’t crack around curves and corners
  • CMYK plus white and clear inks
  • Patent-pending automated ink circulation system minimizes ink usage for cost savings
  • metalVersaWorks® RIP software is packed with productivity tools like Roland Color System and PANTONE® libraries for spot color matching, Variable data printing and Roland Texture Library
  • Advanced X-Rite color management tools available
  • Fully enclosed system protects graphics from dust and debris while minimizing both ink odor and the risks associated with exposure to UV light

> For specifications and more details, download the brochure here.


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