Ultimaker PLA Material

PLA Material – Prints Fast and Durable

Ultimaker’s PLA is really easy to print with, it’s reliable, gives good surface quality and it’s made from renewable sources, so it’s biodegradable too. It also works perfectly with Cura material profiles.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker PLA

  • If you want to easily achieve high resolution prints
  • Printing concept models and prototypes when aesthetics and fine details are key
  • When you’re casting metal parts through lost PLA casting
  • It’s perfect for printing in education or in the office, thanks to low ultrafine particle emissions
  • A heated bed isn’t necessary, it works with glue and blue tape as well
  • PLA isn’t suitable for medium temperature applications (50 ºC +) or long term outdoor usage. ABS is a better material for high temperature applications and CPE for outdoor usage.
PLA Green570-0011 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
PLA Black570-0012 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
PLA Silver-Metallic570-0013 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
PLA White570-0014 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
PLA Transparent570-0015 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
PLA Orange570-0016 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
PLA Blue570-0017 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
PLA Magenta570-0018 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
PLA Red570-0019 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
PLA Yellow570-0020 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
PLA Pearl-White570-0021 $49.95Default_Buymetemp_086
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