Ultimaker Nylon Material

Nylon Material – Abrasion-resistant and Durable

Ultimaker Nylon is formulated for an enhanced 3D printing experience, serving numerous applications where durability, impact resistance, flexibility and strength are required. Coupled with our proven material profiles in Cura for Ultimaker 2+, our Nylon is one of the most reliable filaments for your manufacturing needs.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker Nylon

  • Industrial-grade impact and abrasion resistance
  • Durable
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Good corrosion resistance to alkalis and organic chemicals
  • Reduced humidity absorption when compared to other Nylon filaments
  • Seamless 3D printing experience


Ultimaker-Nylon-Transparent Nylon Transparent 570-0051 $69.95 Default_Buymetemp_086
Ultimaker-Nylon-Black Nylon Black 570-0052 $69.95 Default_Buymetemp_086
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