TII Training Systems

TII Technical Education Systems (TII) is an internationally known technological leader in providing hands-on learning systems focusing on fundamentals through advanced principles of technology for high schools, vocational schools, technical institutes, universities, industry and governmental agencies worldwide.

Product Focus:  TII’s products offer instruction in each of the major areas of technology skills training used in industrial systems today:
> Power Technology
> Control Systems, and
> Integrated Automation.

Complete Training Systems:  Training systems include state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and a proprietary line of  curricula, teaching aids and software that complement the high-quality hardware products. These uniquely designed training systems can function as stand-alone modules or integrated with other TII products to provide a comprehensive training program in a self-paced or instructor facilitated learning environment.

All Systems Feature:

  • Instructor and student versions of the curriculum; the instructor guide includes lesson preparation and presentation suggestions
  • Easy-to-read curriculum with three levels of instruction:  Introduction to Components, Industrial Applications, and Physical Properties
  • Student mountable components that maximize comprehension and manual dexterity
  • Impact-resistant, lockable, portable case for use in different classrooms or buildings
  • Clearly labeled storage panel for component identification and inventory
  • Removable panels for mounting the system on a table or in a carrel to meet space requirements.
 Systems range from portable trainers focusing on principles (Level I), through full-size trainers featuring real-world components and more advanced concepts (Level II), to integrated systems that replicate true industrial automation (Level III).
Level 1
Fundamentals of Technology
Level 2
Advanced Technology Training
Level 3
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
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