Edibon Technical Teaching Equipment


  • More than 3000 Technical Teaching Units
  • Classroom Curriculum is INCLUDED!
  • All areas of Engineering Disciplines Avail.!
  • Features Exclusive Edibon control parameters

EDIBON International has been supplying teaching trainers and curriculum for over 30 years and consist of more than 3000 Technical Teaching Units and 1800 different Software Packages in most technical areas. EDIBON uses Open Control (EDIBON exclusive) allowing the student and teacher to vary the parameters at any time to allow unlimited analysis of the results (curve). It follows the curve process and varies conditions during the process, not just at the beginning (closed control only allows visibility to see what happens at the start and finish, not during the process). EDIBON also uses Multicontrol (EDIBON exclusive) which allows for the control of many parameters at the same time.

Units:power system simulator with SCADA

  1. Physics
  2. Electronics
  3. Communications
  4. Electricity
  5. Energy
  6. Mechatronics & Automation
  7. Mechanics & Materials
  8. Fluid Mechanics & Aerodynamics
  9. Thermodynamics & Thermotechnics
  10. Process Control
  11. Chemical Engineering
  12. Food & Water Technologies
  13. Environment

Complete Laboratories:

    • Physics
    • Electronics
    • Telecommunications
    • Electricity
    • Energy
    • Mechatronics & Automation


  • Mechanics and Materials
  • Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics
  • Thermodynamics and Thermotechnics
  • Process Control
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Food and Water Technologies
  • Environment
  • Special Laboratories
  • TurnKey Projects:
  • Technical Education TurnKey Projects (TETKP):
  • Secondary Education
  • Technical and Vocational Education
  • Higher Technical Education

Custom made units:

  • Information on request

Teaching techniques used:

  • SCADA- EDIBON Computer Control System: Computer Control + Data Acquisition + Data Management
    Click here to learn more about the Key Features of Edibon’s SCADA System: https://www.youtube.com/embed/CEgMr00oBPw
  • PLC- Industrial Control using PLC
  • FSS- Faults Simulation System
  • MINI-ESN- Multipost EDIBON Mini-ScadaNet System
  • ESN- Multipost EDIBON Scada-Net System
  • ETDL- EDIBON Technical Distance Learning System
  • CAI- Computer Aided Instruction Software System
  • CAL- Computer Aided Learning Software (Results Calculation and Analysis)
  • RTC- EDIBON Real Time Control System
  • EDAS/VIS- EDIBON Data Acquisition System/Virtual Instrumentation
  • MUAD- Electric Power Data Acquisition System
  • 3D- EDIBON Three Dimensions System
  • HYBRID- EDIBON Hybrid System (Energy)
  • PHOTOELASTICITY- Photoelasticity System (Strength of Materials)

For specific product details, please refer to www.edibon.com.

Homemade video recorded at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (MA, USA) of the EDIBON’s Computer Controlled Photovoltaic Solar Energy Unit.

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