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We accept School Purchase Orders!
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    • Cube 3D Printer
    • (1) EZ Load Cartridge PLA Neon Green and (1) EZ Load Cartridge PLA White (color and material may vary)
    • 25 FREE Creation Downloads
    • Power Supply and Cord
    • Cubify Print app
    • Magic CubeStick (glue)
    • USB Memory Stick
    • KeyCreatorKeyCreator 3D Design Software FREE! (Included with academic purchases only; verification required.)

Choose Your Cube:

 White Cube 3D Printer550-0650$999
 Grey Cube 3D Printer550-0651$999
 *9-Month Manufacturer’s Extended Warranty (recommended)550-0650XWTY$149
 *Extended Warranties are available at the time of purchase ONLY!   


We accept School Purchase Orders! Fax orders to 1-603-225-7766 or email

Infinity Rinse-Away Support Material

 Natural Infinity Rinse-Away Compatible with PLA Cartridges ONLY550-0726$49

b Ekocycle Cartridges

blackBlack Ekocycle Cartridge401-2192B$49Unavailable
grey-colorGrey Ekocycle Cartridge401-2192G$49Unavailable
natural-colorNatural Ekocycle Cartridge401-2192N$49Unavailable
redRed Ekocycle Cartridge401-2192R$49 Unavailable
whiteWhite Ekocycle Cartridge401-2192W$49 Unavailable

ABS Cartridges
white White Cube ABS Cartridge550-0656$49
red Red Cube ABS Cartridge550-0652$49
yellow Yellow Cube ABS Cartridge550-0655$49
green Green Cube ABS Cartridge550-0653$49
blue Blue Cube ABS Cartridge550-0654$49
navy-blue Navy Blue Cube ABS Cartridge550-0673$49
black Black Cube ABS Cartridge550-0657$49
dark-grey Dark Grey Cube ABS Cartridge550-0674$49
PLA Cartridges
white White Cube PLA Cartridge550-0679$49
red Red Cube PLA Cartridge550-0675$49
yellow Yellow Cube PLA Cartridge550-0678$49
green Green Cube PLA Cartridge550-0676$49
blue Blue Cube PLA Cartridge550-0677$49
navy-blue Navy Blue Cube PLA Cartridge550-0698$49
black Black Cube PLA Cartridge550-0680$49
dark-grey Dark Grey Cube PLA Cartridge550-0699$49

Accessories and Replacement Parts  

3D Systems Cube Print Pad


3D Systems CubeStick Glue Gen 3 (Single Pack)401-2057$9

3D Systems CubeStick Glue Gen 3 (Double Pack)401-2159$18
3D Systems Cube Power Supply – External550-0706$99

3D Systems Cube USB Stick550-0707$9
3D Systems Wiper, Set of 6550-0650WPR$25

We accept School Purchase Orders!  Fax orders to 1-603-225-7766.